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Announcement of ASIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2021 Winners

Nov 01, 2021

The Asian Entrepreneurship Award Steering Committee has announced the winners selected for the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2021 (AEA2021, October 27-28, 2021), innovation awards for startups in Asia for which JETRO is participating in as a co-organizer.

Asian Entrepreneurship Award Steering Committee Press Release:
Tech Startups from 13 Countries & Regions in Asia Compete for the AEA 2021 Innovation Award Tectonus Limited from New Zealand Wins First PrizePDF file(540KB)

Innovation Award for Entrepreneurs to change the world AEA2001 ASIAN ENTEREPRENEURSHIP AWARD October27th-28,2021 @ONLINE

This year's awards, now in their 10th year, were held online, with 30 startups selected from 13 countries and regions (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam). Each company gave a pitch (presentation) on solutions related to three important themes in the future world: “Healthcare,” “Work and Lifestyle Renovation” and “Sustainability.” Ten startups from seven countries (India, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Bangladesh and Malaysia) recommended by JETRO's offices also took the stage. This was the first time for startups from Cambodia and Bangladesh to participate in the AEA.

Dr. Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, gave a keynote speech as part of AEA's 10th anniversary celebration. Dr. Yunus also gave a message to entrepreneurs and corporations, and the awards were a great success.

About the AEA
The Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA)External site: a new window will open., held every October in the Kashiwanoha area (Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture), are innovation awards that aim to create innovation and build an ecosystem in Asia. The AEA brings together public, private and academic sectors, from major corporations to entrepreneurship supporters, to attract tech startups from Asian countries and regions that are taking on challenges using their wisdom and technology. JETRO has been participating in the AEA as a co-organizer since last year.
JETRO will continue to support cooperation and collaboration (open innovation) between startups in Asia and Japanese companies.

Co-hosting "Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA)" in its 10th year, 30 startups from 13 booming Asian countries and regions to participate (press release)

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