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Dear JETRO Update Readers,
Thank you for subscribing to JETRO Update. Coming back from a seven-month
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- Renovation of JETRO global website
- Asia Caravan to start seven-month sales promotion for "Good Goods Japan"
- JETRO's support for disaster-stricken businesses in Japan
- IDE/JETRO and WTO's report on a new measurement of international trade

Renovation of JETRO global website
With its renewal finished in June, the JETRO global website
( has been offering new features.
One example is the "Japan Earthquake Recovery Briefing"
( which provides in-depth content,
including video. You will find information on JETRO's ongoing activities
and hear positive messages from foreign companies operating in post-disaster
Japan. The latest video is an interview with the CEO of Eurocopter Japan.
Another new feature, "Topics of the Japanese Economy and Industry" on the top
page offers updates on businesses in Japan. Readers will have access to the
latest trends in the Japanese economy and industry.
Under "Events" you will find details about expos, seminars, and other
programs sponsored by JETRO.
Through the website, JETRO will continue to provide accurate information
in a timely manner. Please utilize the JETRO global website by bookmarking

Asia Caravan to start seven-month sales promotion for "Good Goods Japan"
JETRO will start Asia Caravan in China on July 12th. The event, running
until the end of next January, is aimed to help Japanese SMEs introduce
their potential consumers in the Chinese market to products such as daily
commodities and cosmetics. 100 companies from across Japan will join the event.
JETRO will support them in promoting their businesses at several venues such as
the main showroom in Shanghai and pop-up stores meant to gauge market potential
in other cities including Tianjin and Wuhan. The companies will also join
Chinese Internet shopping mall, Taobao, to gain potential e-commerce customers.
Participants include 18 firms from the disaster-hit Tohoku region.
JETRO is hoping the event will provide all the participating companies with
opportunities to establish sustainable sales channels in the Chinese market.

For more information, please contact:
JETRO Creative Industries Promotion Department

JETRO's support for disaster-stricken businesses in Japan
The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th severely impacted companies
operating in Japan. To promote their recovery, JETRO has been providing
support as follows:

1. Business Hotline
An emergency hotline for foreign companies in Japan. For those facing
concerns caused by the disaster, JETRO provides consultation regarding
international business issues and company operations in Japan.

2. Free Business Room
Free business rooms for Japanese and foreign companies in the disaster-hit
prefectures (Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki and Chiba).
Under the program, the affected companies are offered an office space for
a maximum of five business days either consecutively or inconsecutively.

3. Briefing on the accident at the Tepco nuclear plant and other issues
JETRO and the Japanese Government hosted the briefings to provide updated
information regarding the nuclear plant and Japanese economy. The briefings
were held in Tokyo and 15 cities overseas from March to May.

For more information, please contact:
JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center
Phone: (03) 3582-5410

More detailed information is also available under the category "JETRO's
Support" at:

IDE-JETRO and WTO's report on a new measurement of international trade
The Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO (IDE-JETRO) and the World Trade
Organization (WTO) jointly published "Trade patterns and global value
chains in East Asia: from trade in goods to trade in tasks." The launch
of the publication was held in Geneva on June 6th, chaired by
Professor Takashi Shiraishi, president of IDE, and Mr. Pascal Lamy,
Director-General of the WTO.
The report is remarkable for its new statistical measurement, "trade in
value-added." The analysis was made possible, in large part, by IDE-JETRO's
international input-output data.
IDE-JETRO and the WTO are hoping the publication promotes analysts and
policy makers to endorse the new concept not only in East Asia but throughout
other regions as well, especially in the developing world.

For more information, please contact:
External Relations Division, Research Promotion Department, IDE-JETRO
Phone: (043)-299-9536 €FAX: (043)-299-9726

More detailed information is also available at:

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