Business Expanding NanoTemper Technologies, founded in 2008, develops and sells laboratory equipment for the biophysical characterization of proteins and the strength of interaction between different types of molecules.

Aug 23, 2022

The company is headquartered in Munich / Germany. NanoTemperExternal site: a new window will open. has established a local presence for sales and support in France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, India, Brazil, USA, China, Singapore and Japan. Local distributors are also contracted for some of these regions including Japan.

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Key products include the Monolith and Dianthus for low and high throughput affinity analysis and screenings (e.g., drug discovery, small molecule, fragment, PROTAC and antibody screening). Technologies used include Microscale Thermophoresis (MST), Temperature-Related Intensity Change (TRIC), and the most recent development, Spectral Shift.

For the in-depth characterization of proteins ( including stability, quality, similarity, size, and aggregation data), NanoTemper has developed a series of instruments including the Prometheus Panta (using label-free nanoDSF, backreflection, and a new type of DLS and SLS) and Andromeda (for determining protein stability and the amount of folded proteins in crude lysates coming directly from the bioreactor).

NanoTemper Technologies LLC in Yokohama / Japan was established in July 2019 to directly support local users and expand sales in Japan and other APAC countries. Upon the establishment of the company's Japan base, JETRO's Investment Business Support Center for Japan (IBSC) provided assistance in establishing the company, including consultation, providing market information, and introducing service providers (accounting firms and banks).

Molecular Interraction and Protein Characterization

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