Business Expanding SAVE A CRUST PTE LTD, a Singaporean food tech company that upcycles food waste and loss, establishes a Japanese subsidiary

Oct 13, 2022

SAVE A CRUST PTE LTDExternal site: a new window will open. is a food tech company from Singapore, which, as CRUST Group, engages in sustainable production of beverages such as beer, from surplus bread and other ingredients otherwise to be wasted.

The company upcycles bread and rice that would otherwise go to waste, even though they are still edible, and develops CRUST, a line of sustainable craft beers in a variety of styles, and CROP, a line of non-alcoholic beverages made from fruit and vegetable peels and other food waste and loss, by using its own recipes and fermentation techniques. Since 2019, the company has reduced food losses by more than 2,536 kg and CO2 emissions by about 3,880 kg.

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The company established CRUST JAPAN February 2021. It is focusing on expanding its business in Japan from the base in Osaka, where its management functions are located. With the cooperation of Osaka City and other agencies, the company provides many services to contribute to the SDGs, with a focus on improving food loss.

The company also won four awards, the Bronze Award and O-BIC Prize, at the global business plan contest of Hack Osaka 2021 for entrepreneurs' ideas and business models, Sigmaxyz award at the TECH PLANTER Food Tech Grand Prix 2021 and Startup category at TECH PLANTER Real Tech venture of the year 2022.

The company's establishment of a Japanese base not only provides sustainable and delicious beverages for the Japanese market but also reduces food waste and loss and contributes to the SDGs.

To assist with the establishment of the company's base, JETRO provided support, such as provision of information, introduction of JETRO-related events, and arrangement of business matching.

CRUST JAPAN's first original product”CRUST LAGER”

Upcycling Bread into Beer

Collaboration brew with Bettr Coffee in SG ”It’d Bettr Be Beer!”

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