Business ExpandingThe Japanese subsidiary of TechsoMed Ltd., an Israeli company that develops ultrasound based image analysis software system for tissue damage monitoring and control in multi-clinical applications, steadily expands its business

Jan 04, 2022

Founded in 2012, TechsoMedExternal site: a new window will open. is an Israeli-based medical imaging software company developing the BioTrace platform, an AI-based technology that enables physicians to detect and visualize tissue viability during thermal ablation (TA)* procedures using standard commercial ultrasound imaging.


  • Biotechnology & Lifescience
  • Israel

TechsoMed’s technology is designed for real time image analysis in multi-clinical applications, such as oncology (tumor ablation), cardiology (heart arrhythmia) and pain management (radiofrequency neurotomy). The BioTrace platform uses AI algorithms to track a unique biological tissue response to TA and visualize a tissue damage map as it forms. The damage map represents the full extent of the damage as can only be seen today 24 hours post-treatment with CT Imaging, and can assist in increasing treatment accuracy, minimizing healthy tissue damage and maximizing target tissue ablation.

The system is in an advanced development stage following successful preliminary clinical validation carried out in the University of Tokyo Hospital, Japan, with over 50 human cases showing consistent high match results (> 90%) compared to 24 hours post-procedure CECT (Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography).


TechsoMed’s first product, BioTrace IO, is primarily targeting use in liver tumor ablation procedures and is in the process of being clinically validated in a multi-center trial in the USA, and is expected to be approved by the FDA in 2022. The company is also collaborating with Juntendo University in Japan to further clinically validate the BioTrace IO product.

In 2019, TechsoMed established TechsoMed Japan K.K. in Tokyo as a joint venture with two Japanese partners who also invested in TechsoMed - Axil Capital and Screen Holdings Co. Ltd. The Japanese subsidiary aims to obtain a PMDA regulatory approval for the BioTrace platform in Japan, and further advance the company’s marketing and business development efforts in Japan and APAC as preparation for product launch in the region.

Upon establishing its Japanese base, JETRO’s Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided information on the market and regulations, introduced service providers (medical translation companies), and assisted with business matchings.

  1. *

    Thermal ablation (TA): a type of minimally invasive medical procedure that employs heat to remove tissue or to destroy its function. In ablation treatment, energy sources such as radiofrequency electrical current (RFA: radiofrequency ablation), microwaves (MWA: microwave ablation), laser light or focused ultrasound are used. Over the last several years, Image-guided percutaneous TA is a widely acceptable local therapy for malignant liver tumors. As a local, minimally invasive and low morbidity treatment, TA has become a critical treatment option for patients noneligible for surgery. Compared to surgery, TA is less invasive and offers localized treatment that can even be performed under local anesthesia associated with less serious and frequent complications, shorter recovery time and can be carried out in an inpatient setting thus reducing load and costs both for the patient and the healthcare system.

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