Business Expanding Justrite Safety Group, a U.S. manufacturer in the EHS industry, establishes a Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo

Oct 14, 2022

Justrite Safety GroupExternal site: a new window will open. , based in Chicago, USA, is a manufacturer in the EHS (Environment, Health and Safety (Note)) industry with over 100 years of history, producing industrial products to store and transport hazardous materials. It is a group of companies that owns nine brands globally.


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The company has manufacturing bases in North America (5 locations), Europe (4 locations), and China (1 location). Its flagship brand products include JustriteExternal site: a new window will open. FM approved safety cabinets; NotraxExternal site: a new window will open. anti-fatigue mats and disinfectant mats; CheckersExternal site: a new window will open. plastic ground protection mats, cable protectors, hose bridges, and wheel chocks; HughsExternal site: a new window will open. emergency showers and eyewashes.

In Japan, the company's safety products have been used for more than 20 years through distributors at manufacturing plants of various industries, universities, research facilities, nuclear power generation-related facilities, commercial airlines, sports stadiums, concert halls, etc.

The company established Justrite Japan Inc. in Tokyo in May 2022 to support distributors and expand sales channels.

Upon establishing its Japanese base, JETRO’s Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided support such as introduction of service providers (banks and PR companies).

  1. (Note)

    E - Environment: Products that contribute to the environmental protection of facilities, soil, etc.
    H - Health: Products that contribute to the health and hygiene of workers in facilities, stores, factories, etc.
    S - Safety: Products that contribute to the safety of workers as well as the environment.

Justrite's products are widely used by NASA, automobile manufacturing plants, public facilities, etc.

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