Business Expanding HENNECKE, a German manufacturer of polyurethane processing machines, establishes a Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo

Oct 07, 2021

Hennecke GROUPExternal site: a new window will open. is an industrial machinery manufacturer headquartered in North Rhine-Westphalia (Sankt Augustin), Germany, and manufactures machines and develops systems for processing polyurethane. The company has its own production plants in Germany, China and the U.S. and employs about 750 people worldwide. It has group companies in 13 locations around the world and partnerships with distributors in more than 100 countries and regions.


  • Machinery & Semiconductor
  • Germany

Shortly after its founding in 1945, the company introduced the world's first system to mix polyol and polyisocyanate, components of polyurethane, under high pressure, and laid the foundation for high-quality products and effective use of raw materials. Research and development have a high priority at Hennecke. This is reflected by the fact that the company owns more than 200 patents worldwide since its foundation. For example, it has developed the PUR-CSM technology for processing urethane products by spraying.

Each year, the company's continuous production lines process hundreds of thousands of tons and thus a large proportion of the world's polyurethane raw materials, which are used, for example, in molded foam applications (Note1) to produce car seats and automotive interior elements as well as in many other applications such as flexible foam and insulation materials.

In addition, the company produces a wide range of manufacturing machinery such as high/low-pressure injectors, mix heads, sandwich panel lines (Note²), slab stock lines (Note³), spray processing lines, pentane mixing equipment, etc., which has contributed to technological progress in the field of polyurethane processing for more than half a century.

In January 2019, the company established Hennecke Machinery Japan K.K. in Tokyo with the aim of expanding sales in Japan.

Upon establishing its Japanese base, JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided consultations (registrations and labor), information (market, regulations and laws) and introduced service providers (recruitment agencies).

  1. (Note¹)

    A manufacturing method in which urethane liquid is injected into a mold to be completed and foamed and molded in a short time.

  2. (Note²)

    A manufacturing method in which urethane liquid is directly injected and foamed between metal or wood panels to form a three-layer sandwich structure.

  3. (Note³)

    Flexible polyurethane foam produced by continuous or discontinuous foaming lines.

Hennecke GROUP headquarters in Sankt Augustin, Germany

Broadly positioned when it comes to processing polyurethanethe: product portfolio of the Hennecke GROUP

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