Latest UpdatesMOTA, a French supplier of marine and industrial cooling systems, establishes a Japanese subsidiary in Osaka

Dec 14, 2020

MOTAExternal site: a new window will open. manufactures shell and tube heat exchangers for OEM customers in Europe, the US, South Korea, Japan, and supplies for inboard marine diesel engines, outboard gasoline engines, marine and land-use gen-sets, and various hydraulics systems.

MOTA works closely with OEM customers from the design throughout the entire product development process, and supplies heat exchangers such as charge air coolers and oil coolers with superior performance and reliability. MOTA has also been developing a range of standard heat exchangers for industrial and marine applications and selling under the MOTA Industrial Cooling brand.

MOTA meets customers’ expectations for high performance and reliability by capitalizing on its vast experience and technologies in developing engine cooling systems since its inception in 1958. The company also selects materials carefully, not only for performance and cost but also for environmental compliance requirements.

MOTA’s experience and technologies are utilized fully for joint development with OEM partners. Such activity is likely to contribute to improving Japanese engine technology further.

MOTA ASIA KK was established in Osaka (Osaka Prefecture) to expand its sales channels and services in Japan by setting up an office and staffing a Japanese representative. This regional representation will create a communication channel with customers, help the company to strengthen services and explore new opportunities. The company has chosen Osaka its central location in the Japanese industrial grid and proximity to its existing Japanese customers. The company hopes to develop business in Japan and Asia from its base in Osaka.
In parallel to the establishment of MOTA ASIA KK, MOTA begins inventory operation in Osaka for a stable and flexible supply of heat exchangers for OEM customers.

JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided consultation (registration, taxation, and labor issues), introduced recruitment agencies, and provided real estate information.

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MOTA Factory Aubagne, (France)

MOTA Factory Aubagne (France), Engine oil-coolers assembly

MOTA Product Lineup

MOTA Product Lineup