Latest UpdatesQualtrics LLC, a US company that provides cloud service to analyze experience data and provide improved action plans, is considering expanding the Japanese operation underpinned by the strong business

Oct 28, 2020

Qualtrics LLCExternal site: a new window will open. , established in Utah, the US in 2002, develops and sells software that conducts surveys, analyzes the results, and recommends actions for improvement on the same platform.

The Company's software is a cloud-based service with advanced AI functions. By introducing the software, users can collect customer and employee voices and take necessary measures to respond to those voices. By collecting their opinions, users can capture customer responses to their actions in real time, fix any issues, and precisely meet customer expectations. The software saves time for surveys and data collections and enables fast implementation of improvement actions because of the real-time survey and AI-driven data analysis. Users can access survey results and AI-driven data analysis in real-time, save time for surveys and data collections, and promptly implement improvement actions.

The Experience Management (XM) platform first conducts surveys of customers and employees using e-mail, websites, mobile applications, etc. The analysis is undertaken by AI, which can process even enormous data in real-time. Based on the results, the user can follow the PDCA cycles for continuous improvements, such as setting actions for resolving problems. By conducting integrated analysis by collating the X-data (Note 1) collected on the platform with business data (O-data, Note 2), the user can understand why customers or employees take specific actions.

The company's Japanese subsidiary Qualtrics Japan LLC was established in Tokyo in September 2016 and began full-scale operations in Japan in January 2018. In 2019, the subsidiary expanded its employees and offices and acquired customers successfully. It plans to continue investing in Japan, such as increasing the number of employees.

Upon establishing the company’s Japanese base, JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided market information (IT market, service office) and PR support.

(Notes 1) X-data refers to Experience Data, i.e., information directly linked to feelings, such as customers’ and employees’ opinions. X-data is instrumental in understanding the reasons behind O-data results and envisaging future trends.
(Note 2) O-data refers to Operational Data, i.e., for understanding a company’s facts, such as sales figures and customer data.

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