Latest UpdatesWellspring Worldwide Inc., a leading company in the field of platform dedicated to innovation, establishes a Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo

Aug 18, 2020

Wellspring Worldwide Inc.,External site: a new window will open. founded in 2003, is an Illinois-based company that develops and provides the world's most popular innovation platform for managing and executing technology transfer and technology scouting. Wellspring is a spin-off of Carnegie Mellon University, which was ranked the world’s No.1 in computer science.

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Conventionally, technology transfer and scouting were inefficient manual processes, because there was no automation in their management system. To address this problem, Wellspring Worldwide Inc. has developed two integrated management systems, “Wellspring” and “Sophia,” for corporate and academic institutions, enabling users to manage the entire process, from the selection of technologies and potential technology partners to investment decision, evaluation, and acquisition. In addition, institutions and companies that implement these systems can actually transfer, license, and scout technologies and intellectual property through “Scout,” a technology search and analysis system that boasts the worlds largest and most accurate database. The 94 of the top 100 universities by research spending in the U.S. use Wellspring's systems, and by major Japanese companies and universities as well.

In December 2019, the company incorporated Wellspring Japan GK in Tokyo in order to strengthen its customer support services and acquire new customers. In April 2020, Wellspring Japan set up an office and began business operations on a full-scale.

Mr. Masafumi Tsuji, Wellspring Japan Representative Director

Upon establishing the company in Japan, JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided temporary office rentals, provided consultation (registration, tax, and labor), and introduced service providers (certified legal specialist for company registration, tax accountants, social insurance and labor consultants, banks, and service office agency).

What is unique about Wellspring's technologyDescription of INNOVATION MANAGEMENT Wellspring software scans millions of data points and uses machine learning to stitch together comprehensive profiles of people, companies, and technology areas from around the world, identifying potential technology suppliers and innovation partners. Description of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Wellspring connects the key aspects of intellectual property management in a single, user-friendly system. Coordinate invention disclosure workflows, manage advanced docketing tasks, and ensure annuities and maintenance fees are up to date. Description of TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER Over 200 leading research organizations have increased revenue, streamlined invention disclosures, and filed more patent applications with Wellspring software. Offices large and small depend on our 30+ modules and plug-ins to manage world-class tech transfer offices.

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