Latest UpdatesIdeapoke, a database service provider using AI-powered search technologies, establishes a Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo

Aug 17, 2020

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IdeapokeExternal site: a new window will open. , founded in 2012, is a Silicon Valley, California-based startup that provides databases specializing in searching for new technologies and solutions to companies that promote open innovation. Ideapoke's technology, which utilizes big data and AI, enables companies to search for potential technology partners and solutions efficiently.

By using AI to collect big data from the Internet, Ideapoke can generate reports quickly in an objective and exhaustive manner. These reports can be useful in making contact with companies around the world and exploring business-matching opportunities. Another advantage of this software is that it covers a wide range of technologies, not only IT-related but also those related to chemicals and foodstuffs.

More than 30 companies in Japan are already using Ideapoke's services. In April 2019, they established Ideapoke Japan K.K. in Tokyo to strengthen its customer support system and acquire new customers.

Upon establishing the company in Japan, JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided temporary office rentals, provided consultation (registration, visa, tax, and labor), and introduced service providers (certified legal specialist for company registration, tax accountants, banks, and service office agency).

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