Latest UpdatesShanghai Qiyin Information Technology, a Chinese start-up company developing blockchain technologies, consulting, and social solutions implementation establishes a company in Tokyo

Jun 17, 2020

Logo of Shanghai Qiyin Information Technology

Shanghai Qiyin Information TechnologyExternal site: a new window will open. is a Chinese company that develops blockchain (distributed ledger) and AI technologies based solutions across industries such as media, communication, advertising, and logistics. The company was founded in September 2016, in Shanghai, to promote the "Internet of Value". The founders are two Chinese engineers from a major Chinese personal computer manufacturer and a major search engine developer leading software and service development in Shanghai. The company develops blockchain platforms tailored to customer needs, provides deployment consulting, conducts proof of concept testing, provides total solutions down to social implementation and develops related services.

The company's main service is its blockchain copyrights management platform, a one-stop consortium-type platform for digital contents copyright registration and sales, as well as for the detection and legal billing of copyrights infringements. The platform has passed the official authentication of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), it also made possible the first connection with Internet courts in China, and has been adopted by more than 100 companies, mainly major financial and economic media corporations. The consortium-type blockchain described above has been safely running for three years since the launch of the service in December 2016.

In addition, jointly with the Shanghai Association of Forensics Science etc., the company developed “blockchain based metadata registration standards ” and also presented it at the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) in last year. These efforts on research and development on blockchain technologies have been highly praised.

In Japan also, where there is already a wealth of high-quality digital contents such as anime and manga, the use of blockchain technologies is expected to expand more actively across other industrial areas. In order to expand further this business, Shanghai Qiyin Information Technology established Genpon Co., Ltd., a fully affiliated company in Tokyo in October 2019.

In addition to the user-participating promotional services developed jointly with a major advertising agency it already provides, the company also provides a consortium-type blockchain platform to the Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative (JCBI), aiming at digital contents copyrights management and expansion of distribution in Japan. In the future, the participation of a wide range of content companies will be solicited, and various services will be jointly developed and implemented based on the above blockchain. The company also aims to expand blockchain technology to other industries by leveraging its abundant experience in social implementation at the corporate level in China.

Upon establishing the Japanese corporation, JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided support for the establishment of corporate accounts.

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