Latest UpdatesSpanish reinsurance company MAPFRE RE establishes representative office in Tokyo

Jun 04, 2018

MAPFRE Re, Compania de Reaseguros, SAExternal site: a new window will open. (MAPFRE Reinsurance) is responsible for reinsurance-related operations within Spain's leading insurance company, MAPFRE, SA.
MAPFRE Reinsurance ranks among the world’s 20 top reinsurance companies, has a presence in 20 cities around the world including Tokyo, and conducts business in more than 100 countries.

It has business relations with major Japanese insurance companies, and a representative office was established in Tokyo in December 2017 in order to enhance its presence by strengthening its contact system for existing customers.
In Asia, the company has already set up bases in China, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, and their aim is to expand underwriting of reinsurance not only in Japan but throughout the Asia-Pacific.

Logo of MAPFRE RE, Compania de Reaseguros, S.A.

For the establishment of its Japanese representative office, the JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) coordinated interviews with relevant ministries, provided temporary office space and consultation on taxation and labor matters and referred the company to a certified social insurance and labor consultant office.

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