Latest UpdatesMajor German gas controls and gas systems company Karl Dungs establishes a Japanese subsidiary in Kanagawa

Jul 27, 2018

Karl Dungs GmbH & Co.KGExternal site: a new window will open., a German manufacturer of gas controls and gas systems, founded in 1945, sells combustion control equipment and solutions such as pressure switches, pressure regulators, safety shutoff valves, valve proving systems and burner management systems, throughout the world. With a view to adapting to “IoT” technology, which can connect all things to the internet, the company has actively promoted development targeting the digitization of equipment in order to accumulate and analyze data on the operation history and operation status of combustion control equipment and to enable the prediction of combustion anomalies.

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The company has a history of about 30 years of sales in Japan, through means such as agencies. In March 2016, it established Karl Dungs G.K. in Kanagawa Prefecture, in order to further strengthen its commitment to the Japanese market and to improve its support through conducting direct sales to its customers. In the midst of needs to adapt to international and regional standards for energy conservation, exhaust gas (NOx) purification and combustion safety standards, as well as the globalization of the market, the company will carry out its business leveraging its previous achievements and knowledge.

For the establishment of its Japanese corporation, the JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided introductions to service providers (offices of administrative scrivener, tax accountant, a certified social insurance labor consultant and lawyer) and market information.

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