Global third-party safety testing and certification company UL establishes testing facility for automotive industry in Aichi

Aug 15, 2017

UL Japan, Inc.External site: a new window will open. (Ise, Mie) opened its new Automotive Technology Center (ATC) testing facility in Miyoshi, Aichi in June 2017.

UL LLC, founded in the United States in 1894, provides third-party safety certification, testing, inspection, auditing, advisory, and training services. The company established its Japanese subsidiary, UL Japan, Inc., in Mie in 2003.

The new ATC is the company’s fifth electromagnetic compatibility* (EMC) testing facility in Japan, but it is the first facility primarily targeting in-vehicle devices. The 1,900 sq. meter facility houses 6 chambers in which the effects of electromagnetic waves emitted from in-vehicle devices and their surroundings are tested.

Locating the ATC in Aichi, where there is a concentration of many automobile related companies, helps meet the demand for testing associated with the development of next-generation vehicles.

To help with the establishment of the ATC, JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided information on candidate sites, introductions to the local governments, assistance with press releases, and other support.

*Electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of electronic devices and systems to operate in proximity to other electronic devices and systems without causing or suffering unacceptable degradation in output or performance due to electromagnetic interference.

logo of UL LLC

Appearance of ATC

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