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Enjoy JAPAN, Find a JOB. We are your active partner in Japan!

Institute for Cross-cultural Communications(ICCC) provides information for foreigners (foreign students) who want to work in Japan.

We offer assistance to everyone in their job hunting.
"Recruiting information", "Job hunting NEWS",
"Enjoyable job hunting events: ROMA (Recruiting Optimization Matching Academy), neoGetTogether and others", "Useful columns", "Exchange of information between international students" etc.

Using this service, many foreign students have gone on to be employed by Japanese companies.

We are your "active partner in Japan". In addition to job hunting, please inquire about anything you are having problems with while in Japan.

<We need new staff as communicator(recruiter) with international students.>


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Only English
Skills Required

Role Expected of Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

  • Bridge Builder with Foreign Enterprises, such as in Expanding Overseas (Bridging Resource)
  • Innovation and Planning from the Perspective of People Overseas
  • Management or Research & Development for Domestic Business Using Specific Professional Knowledge
  • Promoting Globalization of Japanese Staff
  • Management of Overseas Bases

Required Persons

  • Humanities (Language)
  • Humanities (Sales/Marketing)
  • Humanities (Trade Affairs)
  • Humanities (Management)
  • Sciences (Technical Sales)
  • Sciences (Engineering)
  • Sciences (Research & Development)


  • Trading and Wholesale
  • Miscellaneous Non-Manufacturing Sector

Business Content

The Institute for Cross-Cultural Communication (ICCC)'s mission is to make Japan a country in which talented people are active in the world.

1. Introducing human resources to match companies with globalforce

We will seek the best match between excellent foreign exchange students from ROMA and neoGetTogether (Recruiting Event) who do not have job hunting know-how in Japan and companies that do not know how to recruit excellent foreign talent.

2. Diversity education "seminar / training" Consulting

In order to have "mutual prosperity" with foreigners of different cultures and languages, it is essential for the companies or local governments that accept them to have the necessary knowledge and attitude to do so.

3. Student Tutoring in English

This is a tutoring business that does not teach English, but how to study in English. All teachers are active foreign exchange students.

Through these businesses, we will contribute to the future of Japan and the world.

Countries/Areas of Interest

  • Asia as a whole
  • Oceania as a whole
  • North America as a whole
  • Central and South America as a whole
  • Europe as a whole
  • Russia CIS as a whole
  • Middle East as a whole
  • Africa as a whole



International Students


SS Building 201 3-15 Aoki-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa 221-0057
Tel : 045-440-5545

Company Info

Capital:10 million yen
Amount of sales:70 million yen
Number of employees:6 people
Year of establishment:April 2001