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Central Eastern Europe 2023

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Japan is a land of Rising Sun as well as land of ample Job Opportunities. To know more about living, working in Japan and business culture “JAPAN CAREER PROMOTION FORUM (Central Eastern Europe)” is the perfect opportunity for you. In this webinar, you will also get variety of latest updates about strategic economic relation between Central Eastern Europe and Japan, voices of students and professionals working/living in Japan and upcoming Job Fairs in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria scheduled in mid-October by METI Japan.

Target audience

  1. 1. Students/Professionals aiming to build their careers in Japanese companies.
  2. 2. Students/Professionals in Japan seeking career opportunities in Japanese companies.
  3. 3. Students/Professionals who want to know more about living & working in Japan.



Friday, September 15, 2023, 10:00-11:15 CEST 11:00-12:15 EEST(17:00-18:15 JST)


Online webinar (online streaming from Japan)

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Time (CEST) Contents
10:00-10:05 Opening remarks:Ichiro Sone, Executive Vice-President, JETRO
10:05-10:10 Guest Speaker:Yoshiro Tasaka, Director of Shibuya Startup Support
10:10-10:20 Key note : Japanese companies in Europe and JETRO`s Support for Foreign Professionals by Tomohiro Yoden, Deputy Director, Global Talent Acquisition Team, JETRO TokyoPDFファイル(2.4MB)
10:20-10:50 Talk Session:
Theme: Work with Japan (Sharing experience of living in Japan or working with Japanese company)
Moderetor:Swastik Kulkarni, Global Talent Acquisition Team, JETRO
  1. Ewa Szyszka (from Poland studying in Japan)
  2. Daniel Ratiu (from Romania working in Japan)
  3. Bartosz Kaminski (working in Japanese company based in Poland)
  4. Dragos Ionescu (working in Japanese company based in Romania)
10:50-11:10 Presentation by Japanese companies/ start-ups interested in skilled professionals from Central Eastern Europe
  1. Simpleasy, Inc. (Japanese start-up based in Tokyo)
  2. AWL, Inc(Japanese start-up based in Hokkaido)
  3. Fujitsu Technology Solutions Sp.z.o.o. (based in Poland)
11:10-11:15 Information related to upcoming Job Fairs by Miyoung You, Global Talent Acquisition Team, JETRO TokyoPDFファイル(170KB)
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