Ministry of Justice - Notice of Procurement (Goods & Services)A type heavy oil about 288,000 liters

This procurement is covered by the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement, Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement or Japan-UK Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.


Publishing date Jan 11, 2023
Type of notice Notice of Procurement (Goods & Services)
Procurement entity Ministry of Justice - Hokkaido
0002 Mineral Products
Summay of notice ⑴ Official in charge of disbursement of the procuring entity : YAMAMOTO Hidehiro, warden of the Abashiri Prison.
⑵ Classification of the products to be procured : 2
⑶ Nature and quantity of the products to be purchased : A type heavy oil about 288,000 liters.
⑷ Delivery period : From 1 April 2023 through 30 September 2023
⑸ Delivery place : Abashiri Prison.
⑹ Qualification for participating in the tendering procedures : Suppliers eligible for participating in the proposed tender are those who shall. ①Not come under Article 70 of the Cabinet Order concerning the Budget, Auditing and Accounting.
Furthermore, minors, Person under Conservatorship of Person under Assistance that obtained the consent necessary for concluding a contract may be applicable under cases of special reasons within the said clause. ②Not come under Article 71 of the Cabinet Order concerning the Budget, Auditing and Accounting. ③Have Grade A, B and C "Sale of products" in terms of the qualification for participating in tenders laid down by Ministry of Justice (Single qualification for every ministry and agency) for the purpose of the procurement in the fiscal years of 2022, 2023, 2024.
⑺ Time limit for tender : 13 : 30 16 March 2023 (Tenders submitted by mail : 17 : 00 15 March 2023)
⑻ Electronic procurement system available.
⑼ Contact point for the notice : WADA Hirofumi Supply Section, Abashiri Prison, Azasancho, Abashiri-shi, Hokkaido 093-0088 Japan. TEL 0152-43-3167 ext. 154