Japan Mint - Notice of Procurement (Goods & Services)Surface grinding machine 2 units

This procurement is covered by the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement, Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement or Japan-UK Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.


Publishing date May 19, 2022
Type of notice Notice of Procurement (Goods & Services)
Procurement entity Japan Mint - Osaka
0012 Machinery Specialized for Particular Industries
Summay of notice ⑴ Official in charge of procurement : KAWAMURA Tatsuhiko, Executive Director, Japan Mint
⑵ Classification of the products to be procured : 12
⑶ Nature and quantity of the products to be purchased : Surface grinding machine 2 units
⑷ Delivery period : March 10, 2023
⑸ Delivery place : Saitama Branch and Hiroshima Branch
⑹ Qualification for participating in the tendering procedures : Suppliers eligible for participating in the proposed tender are those who :
① do not come under Article 4 and 5 of the Japan Mint Contract Procedure Rules.
② have obtained Grade A, B, C or D from the Ministry of Finance Japan (all ministries/agencies) or Japan Mint in the category of "Manufacturing of products" or "Selling of products" in the qualification for participating in tendering procedures for the fiscal years of 2022, 2023 and 2024.
③ are not being recognized as an unsuitable one to make a contract with, due to the violation of the contract with Japan Mint including its branches in the past.
⑺ Time-limit for tender : July 12, 2022 at 5 : 00 p.m.
⑻ Contact point for this notice : KOMURA Yoshitaka, Contract Unit, Accounts Division, General Affairs Department, Japan Mint, 1-1-79 Temma Kita-ku, Osaka-shi 530-0043 Japan TEL 06-6351-5463