Japan's economy provides a highly-developed, competitive marketplace in which to invest and do business. Recent fiscal reform has not only liberalized many of Japan's key industries but also made it one of the most cost-effective countries in the Asia Pacific region for business operations.

These pages provide an overview of Japan's current economic trends, as well as an outline of the steps foreign companies must take when establishing a business in Japan.

Why Japan?

Learn why Japan continues to be one of the world's leading destinations for foreign investment opportunities.

Set up a business

Get detailed insight on the incorporation process including how to choose an business model, apply for visas, comply with labor laws, and more.

Investment case studies

Read about Australian companies who have successfully worked with JETRO to advance their investment goals in Japan.

Apply for JETRO services

Review the process to apply for JETRO's full service package, and determine what kind of support you would like from JETRO.

Industry reports

Read about information relating to various promising Japanese industries for overseas companies that are considering FDI into Japan.


Learn more about the support available for foreign start ups in Japan.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about setting up business and investing in Japan.