JETRO's Business Support Services for Australian Companies

The majority of JETRO's business support services are absolutely free. JETRO's business resources support companies at various stages of the market entry process; businesses can work with JETRO on anything from setting up a corporate entity in Japan to scouting potential locations for a second or third investment.

For companies that need to access local government or business entities, JETRO offers an unmatched professional network in Japan. JETRO's half-century history, combined with its physical presence in all 47 prefectures, gives it rich local relationships companies can utilize for business.

Overview of JETRO Services

JETRO's Business Support Services for Australian Companies

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with JETRO's dedicated business development staff. Companies can use these consultations to discuss a variety of topics, including: the incorporation process, business costs, Japan's business culture, human resources, subsidy applications, visa and immigration forms, and more.

Set Up Business Entity with JETRO

Learn about the various methods of incorporation available to foreign companies expanding to Japan. JETRO also helps companies identify the best incorporation method for their business as well as best registration practices in order to avoid costly delays.

Access Tailored Market Research

JETRO's market research reports can be created and tailored for each individual company's needs. These reports are created by JETRO's business development experts and include research on industry growth, market trends, regulation changes, subsidy programs, consumer behaviour, and more. Reports are available in English and Japanese.

Utilise JETRO’s Free, Fully Furnished Office Space in Six Major Cities

Use JETRO's free, temporary office space to offset setup costs. Office space is available in six major cities: Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Fukuoka, through JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC).

All office spaces are centrally located within the business district of each city. Offices are fully furnished and include conference rooms, reception desks, PC rooms, printers and scanners, and an event hall (event hall is in the Tokyo office only). Office space is available for free for 50 days; after the first 50 days, businesses can request a time extension at a reduced rate.

Gain Access to the Most Recent Subsidy Incentives

Work with JETRO staff to apply for local government and national government subsidies. JETRO's extensive information network throughout Japan allows it to identify new or unusual subsidies that are often missed by boutique investment firms.

JETRO's Business Support Services for Japanese Companies

Although most of JETRO's business services support Australian companies expanding to Japan, JETRO also provides some support to Japanese companies seeking to do business in the Australia.

Schedule a Free Business Consultation with JETRO

JETRO offers a free business consultation service to help Japanese companies gain insight on current market and industry trends in Australia. Business consultations are hosted with a JETRO staff member with experience in Australia markets; all consultations are conducted on an individual level, with emphasis focused on the personal needs of the particular business.

Access Market Research Reports on Australian Industries

JETRO market-entry services include market analysis and trend reports. JETRO's market research is compiled on request, so all market information is uniquely tailored to assist the individual business. Japanese companies who wish to utilise JETRO's market reports can read more details here.

Australian Business Information

Japanese companies looking to understand more about Australia's market and industry, economy, and relationship with Japan, can read to great detail here.