Japan offers a wide variety of safe, delicious and high-quality food and beverages. In addition to sushi and sake, processed foods, fruit, vegetables, livestock and marine products are gaining ever more acclaim around the world.

JETRO offers opportunities for overseas buyers and Japanese food suppliers to meet.

Japan Agricultural & Foodstuff Exports (JAFEX)

The demand from overseas for Japanese food products has been growing in line with overseas consumers' awareness of these products. Thanks to the improvement of global transportation, Japanese food has also become increasingly accessible across the global market. "Japan Agricultural & Foodstuff Exports (JAFEX)" is a special page which supports the expansion of Japanese agricultural and food exports. You can use it to search for Japanese agricultural products and foodstuff which are ready to be distributed internationally.

List of Exporters and Producers

This list, presented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, introduces enterprises which export high quality Japanese food products. The enterprises are listed on voluntary basis, and are neither paid nor obliged to offer specific services. Please keep this in mind when you make references and/or consultations. If you are interested in those products, please contact the company directly.

Japanese Food Supporter

This program was designed to certify overseas restaurants, bars and retailers which carry Japanese food and beverages as official “Japanese Food Supporters” in order to further promote Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products around the world. Restaurants and retail stores that meet the requirements will be certified a “Japanese Food Supporter Store”. They shall be able to use the certification logo and promote that their stores are certified. For information on how to apply for certification, please click here.

Taste of Japan

Taste of Japan is your source for Japanese cuisine information, covering Japanese restaurants, recipes, and where to find authentic Japanese ingredients. Whether you like to cook food or just eat it, we hope to share our love of Japanese cuisine with the entire world!

Japanese Ingredients

JETRO presents highlighted Japanese ingredients popular around the world, detailing the production methods, unique quality and history, as well as methods of preparing. Including; rice flour, strawberries, matcha, wagyu, yellowtail, scallops, awamori.

Information on Japanese ingredients, presented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, including: rice, seafood, vegetables, wagyu, fruit, japanese tea, umami food ingredients, flowers and plants.

Washoku Guidebook

“Washoku” is originally a word that combines “wa”, meaning Japan with “shoku” , meaning eating or foods. “Washoku” refers not only the Japanese cuisine but also to the dietary cultures of the Japanese people. To learn more about Washoku, please read this guidebook, created by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.