How to apply for JETRO services?

1. If your company is interested in establishing a business base or expanding your existing business base in Japan, contact us using our online inquiry form. We'll set up a time to meet to discuss specifically what JETRO can provide to proceed your business in Japan.

2. JETRO asks you about your plans for establishing or expanding your business base in Japan, and what kind of support you would like from JETRO.

For example:

  • - You are currently considering establishing a business base in Japan and want to begin by collecting various information.
  • - To expand existing business in Japan you want to set up new business bases such as sales offices, warehouses or factories.
  • - You want to establish a holding company or a subsidiary in order to diversify business.
  • - You want to hire managers or a large number of employees as you are expanding operations in Japan.

* Firms that want to close an existing office to relocate to another area in Japan are not eligible.
* JETRO will not disclose any of our clients’ information to third parties. For more information please see our privacy policy.

3. Your application for the JETRO services is reviewed.
* To be eligible to receive JETRO's services, terms and conditions may apply. Contact us for more information.

4. Upon confirmation that your company qualifies (Step 3), JETRO provides available services that match your needs.

Examples of JETRO's services.

Help with procedural requirements for establishing a business base

JETRO provides free advice by specialists on procedures necessary to establish a business base. Our in-house team of experts can provide you with information on company registration, visa applications, tax procedures, and labor procedures. We can also introduce you to outside professionals who can create and submit the procedural documents on your behalf.

Information on regulations and relevant legal systems

Support with collecting information regarding procedures to obtain permits and licenses necessary for starting business in Japan.

Estimates on costs for setting up a Japan office

JETRO can provide a customized estimate based on a number of factors showing how much it would cost you to set up an office in Japan. This includes rent for both housing and offices, cost of administrative procedures, cost of recruitment and more.
Please refer to the following model case for an initial cost estimation.

Market and industry information

JETRO provides information on market and industry information along with market trends, data, and statistics necessary to expand your business in Japan.

Networking with potential business partners

JETRO offers networking opportunities with Japanese companies that could be your potential business partners by utilizing our nationwide network.

Introducing service providers

JETRO introduces various service providers indispensable for your business such as recruitment agencies, accounting firms and banks.

Search for office location

JETRO can help you find permanent location for your business without loss of time. Your company will be able to search for an office, shop space, warehouse or facilities for production, logistics and R&D facilities utilising our network with real estate companies.

Information on national, prefectural, and municipal incentives

JETRO can provide information on incentives from the national and local governments, see some examples of various incentives here, and regional specific information here.

Arranging meetings with government authorities and receiving requests for deregulation

The JETRO staff can help you efficiently gather information on laws, standards, regulations and authorization procedures and can arrange meetings with representatives from national and local authorities. Our staff can also assist you with submitting certain requests for deregulation to the relevant government bodies.

Support for establishing a new business base or expanding your existing business base into other regions in Japan

JETRO offers a range of support and service tailored specifically to foreign firms already based in Japan and targeting expansion into Japan's local regions, including establishing new bases, increasing employment and branching out additional bases for production, logistics and R&D.