JETRO's Business Support Services for Australian Startups

JETRO Sydney is pleased to announce JETRO's services have been expanded to support Australian startup companies that wish to expand their business presence to Japan. Approved startup companies are eligible for JETRO's stand support services, as well as specific support services tailored to the needs of startups expanding to Japan.



Standard Support

1. Consultation / Information on corporate registration,taxation, labor, visas etc.
2. Refer to / arrange meetings with specialists and service providers
3. Use of JETRO's IBSC facilities (temporary office space)
4. Information on industry-specific market trends, investment environments and incentives of regions
5. PR Support (Prepare articles, media introductions)
6. Use of Invest Japan Hotline to make inquiries to regulatory agencies or requests for regulatory reforms
7. Access existing market reports, or receive tailored market reports based on individual questions on industry-specific market trends
8. Business matching support (Finding potential business partners and arranging meetings)
New Startup Specific Support
1. Business matching with Japanese venture capital firms and technology partnerships
2. Extended use of IBSC facilities (Up to 100 business days)
3. Language support (Translating incentive applications into Japanese, arranging interpreters for meetings)
4. Support for making business plans
Startup must:
- Own innovative technology or services which are expected to contribute to creating innovation or solving social problems in Japan
Also, the startup must meet 2 or more of the below criteria:

- Own a patent for the business that the company wants to expand in Japan

- Have received funding from foreign/domestic VC firm (Funding stage must be Series B or higher)

- Have actual plans for technology partnership with domestic university, research organization, or company

- Have highly skilled workers

Apply Today!
If you are an Australian startup and want to expand your business presence to Japan, contact JETRO Sydney today! We are waiting for your inquiry.

Other Organisations Supporting Startup Activities in Japan

Invest Tokyo

The Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center unifies the procedures that foreign companies and start-ups need to complete to establish a business. This is a first for our country. Through personalized service provided by staff knowledgeable in administrative procedures and experts, the center helps to facilitate the prompt completion of various filing procedures required when starting a business, including those for certification of articles of incorporation, company registration and notification of incorporation, taxes, social security, and immigration. Furthermore, to meet the needs of companies, the center also offers support for electronic applications as well as interpretation and translation services in several languages.


Startup City Fukuoka

Fukuoka is rapidly becoming a leader in the startup world. Japan has awarded the city a designation as a National Strategic Special Zone, meaning that there is now a simple pathway for startups to bring their businesses to the city. This designation has led to reduced regulations when it comes to employment, visas, and corporate taxes, making Fukuoka and ideal place to establish your company.

Fukuoka is the first city in Japan to offer a Startup Visa for foreign entrepreneurs. Obtaining a visa is now simpler than ever. If you are an entrepreneur interested in founding your business in Japan, the six-month Startup Visa will give you the opportunity to live in Fukuoka and have access to all of the incredible startup support the city provides. The Startup Visa will give you ample time to get a sense of the city, the culture, and the professional climate all while establishing your business.

Osaka Innovation Hub

Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) is a place for innovation, where entrepreneurs and engineers who want to take on global business challenges gather. It was established by Osaka City (Innovation Economic Strategy Bureau) and is operated by the Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center. OIH holds events and programs (about 200 a year) that lead to creation of new projects or scaling up of projects. Player and Partner members, who aim to produce new projects, hold events at OIH to generate innovation with various people gathering from inside and outside of Japan, interacting and reacting with one another.