PEAK DMC is part of an independently-owned Australian company that began as Intrepid Travel back in 1989. Intrepid trips take small groups of people travelling on off-the-beaten track itineraries that support local communities. PEAK DMC has a global network of 18 destination management companies, each offering in-depth local knowledge delivering fantastic sustainable travel experiences. PEAK DMC Japan is the latest company added to the network based in Japan’s cultural capital Kyoto.

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doq® is a cross cultural marketing consultancy ideated in Chicago and established in Sydney in 2009, with a vision of connecting Japan to the rest of the world through marketing communications. doq® now has its own Tokyo office in Higashi Nihonbashi, known historically as the cultural dock of key Japanese districts crossing the Sumida River and Kanda River. Currently, doq Japan k.k. has a team of 5 employees and is proactively recruiting talent who share the same purpose and vision.

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For 25 years Cutting Edge has been a leading provider of sound and picture post production, and VFX for the advertising, film & television industries both in Australia and internationally. After operating in the Japanese market for the past 15 years, Cutting Edge has continued to demonstrate a commitment to the region, opening a new Tokyo studio.

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Drake Business Logistics Pty Ltd is a Sydney based specialist provider in the business process outsourcing market, offering comprehensive Document and Office Management Services covering the entire input, output and archiving value chain, including physical and digital mailrooms and corporate office services. In March 2016, Drake Business Services Japan K.K. began operations in Japan.

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Australia’s leading Digital Asset Management Company Lookatme, business of Media Equation Pty. Ltd., has established a Sales, Marketing & Development Company in Japan following its incorporation as a Japanese Kabushiki Kaisha (K.K.) company in April 2016. Since its entry into Japan, LookatMe has successfully localised its technology so it meets the needs and demand of Japanese clients.

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High-Q is an International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) registered company and currently delivers training courses for working at height in Australia and around the world. With both a tailored training venue in Brisbane and the ability to roll-out courses in off-site venues, High Q has experience delivering training courses for the internationally recognized IRATA certification in Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, the UK and the Middle East.

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The Longmore family have had a longstanding association with Japan that stretches back decades. Recognising the beauty and distinctiveness of Japanese homeware and earthenware, they decided to try and bring this unique style to Australian consumers by opening their 'Made in Japan' retail outlet in Melbourne the 1987. After expanding their online business, Made In Japan located a site in Gifu Prefecture for their warehouse and began filling it up with new products from both their existing and new providers.

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When John Morrell of ski tour company ‘Morrell Travel Adventure’ first contacted JETRO Sydney in 2014, Japan was not a new proposition to him. Noticing a lack of equipment hire business for foreign travellers, John’s first expansion came in the form of an equipment hire business called Alpine Backcountry, which he established with a local Japanese partner. Through Alpine Backcountry, John has been able to extend and build on the business he spent so many years developing in Australia by engaging with more people on the ground in Furano.

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Riedel Communications, an international manufacturer and supplier of communications technology based in Germany, has spent the past three decades making itself the preferred provider for a range of huge events like the Formula 1 races and Olympic Games. With such a pedigree in providing communications solutions for such major events, it is little wonder Riedel has its eye on Japan, the host of both the next Olympics and Rugby World Cup.

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e-GoodManners prides itself on the capacity of its platform-driven approach to provide innovative and tailored solutions for businesses across the automotive industry. Essentially their service provides businesses like car dealerships with a way to collate, manage and interpret data on their customers and the business they do with them in a meaningful way that can help drive more coherent and targeted business and sales strategies.

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Yellowfin was founded in 2003 to address the needs of business users and their growing demand for business intelligence. With its focus on the easy to use web based interfaces, the company have racked up a number of accolades over its relatively short history. This success has seen the company grow quickly around the world, establishing offices in Europe, The United States, Brazil, the Philippines, South Africa, and most recently Japan.

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QSR International, a qualitative research software developer based in Melbourne, has long been one of Australia’s leading ICT companies. Established in 1995, the company quickly made a name for itself with acclaimed data qualitative analysis products such as NVivo and XSight. These early successes led to rapid growth for the fledgling company, enabling them to expand into new markets in both the United Kingdom and the Unites States in short period of time, and then to Japan.

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ANCA Pty Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of tool and cutter grinders. The company markets and sells its machines—which are used in the high-precision grinding of cutting tools and other complex components used in a variety of industries—in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Impact Investing Pty Ltd has experienced significant growth since the company developed a financial software solution that assists investment managers in end-to-end portfolio construction ensuring effective controls at all stages of the investment process.

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Australia is known for its summery attractions, such as the Gold Coast beaches and the diving at the Great Barrier Reef. But Australians are avid year-round sportspeople, and winter sports are high on their list of leisure activities.

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Deep Powder Tours (DPT) has opened a winter office in Hokkaido to keep up with their enormous success in Japan.

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Japan Australia Corporation first came to JETRO Melbourne's attention when the Managing Director, Mr Steve Liston attended the joint JETRO-Austrade seminar on doing business with Japan.

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Stem Cell Sciences is a joint venture between two bio-industry venture companies: Stem Cell Sciences of Australia and Sosei of Japan.

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Balco is a major Australian feed exporter. Dealing with Japan's complicated distribution system from Australia proved to be challenging, and eventually Balco decided to set up a representative office in Yokohama.

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