The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a Japanese government organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO's core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential.

Established in 1960, JETRO Sydney works to assist companies and organisations from Australia and Oceania, enabling them to expand their business ties with Japanese partners in order to further strengthen the deep economic relationship between Japan and this region. Since the merging of Sydney and Melbourne JETRO, we are now able to provide nation-wide support via our Sydney office. JETRO Sydney provides a variety of free services to companies, including market information and legal and regulatory information on trade and investment.


The Japanese economy is famous around the world for its incredible technological prowess, attention to detail, innovation and strong focus on customer needs. But in spite of this, Japan is viewed with some caution by many potential investors in other countries. Much of this is simply down to misunderstandings about the business culture of Japan and what types of opportunities are available. To help address this, JETRO has prepared a document to show in five simple slides why Japan can be good for your business:

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