To accelerate Japan's Digital Transformation (DX) by Creating Leading Cases in ASEAN



In ASEAN, rapid changes and disruptive players continuously influence social reforms and digital transformation (DX) of society and businesses

today. The development of digital technology is driving changes to the values and social structure of this radically changing market.


We aim to discover and co-create with leading DX players to create new business opportunities and innovations for Japanese companies in

ASEAN. The knowledge and experiences of DX will be proactively disseminated and shared across Japan, to accelerate digital transformation

in Japan.






IHI Challenge

「Smart Cloud Data Platform for

IHI Future Smart City」


To co-create solutions that can support

traffic monitoring & management to 

realise IHI Future Smart City Vision 



NITTOKU Challenge 

「Enhancing Industrial Customer Value in

‘New Normal’ Remotely」


To utilize immersive technologies

(3D images, AR, VR, etc.) to enable technicians to collaborate with local employees remotely for product set-up and advisory  



Sojitz Challenge

「Building New Synergies by Digitalization

of Human Resource Model」


To utilize HR data through DX and

HR Tech to create digital infrastructure

scalable for future cross-country

implementation of Strategic HR Management 




Co-creation Opportunity


Companies whose ideas are adopted receive the chance to co-develop and testbed their solutions in collaboration with the Challenge Owners.








IHI Corporation is a comprehensive

heavy-industry manufacturer since 1853.

IHI is deeply committed to contributing

to society through technology, combining

diverse engineering capabilities to meet

expanding global needs for energy,

urbanization and industrialization, and transportation efficiency.


IHI will provide PoC opportunities in

South East Asia region. Upon PoC

successful implementation, IHI will

consider commercialization and promotion

of this application world widely.

NITTOKU is a Japanese manufacturer and

distributor of coil winding machines and

has installed many of its products in overseas factories.


NITTOKU provides appropriate scale and

necessary resources to study, explore

and simulate the remote support using

technology including real platform to

test the market.

Sojitz engages in a wide range of

businesses globally, including buying

& selling, importing & exporting, etc.

It also invests in various sectors such

as automobiles, energy, chemicals,

mineral resources, etc.


Data from various countries and

industries can be provided after

successful PoC. Sojitz will also

consider expanding its application

to subsidiary offices after successful PoC.











With the recent advancement in technology, JETRO is

also pursuing growth in the digital and innovation sectors.

The Digital Transformation Platform (DXPF) project is one such

initiative aimed at facilitating the promotion of open innovation

collaboration between Japanese corporations and ASEAN based

start-ups and tech companies.


A purposeful and impactful innovation co-creator that

creates innovation through collaboration with stakeholders

while leveraging an innovation ecosystem centered on Asia,

with the goal of "creating purposeful and impactful innovation

to the world".


Provide support for cross-border PoC implementation

(coordination with local government, coordination with

local partners, legal checks)

Together lead the entire co-creation innovation based on the knowledge of failures and successes of business co-creation and experiments











First Sharing and Co-Learning Session

Sharing details of the program's challenge statement

15 Dec 2020 (TUE), 4PM - 5PM SGT

Second Sharing and Co-Learning Session

Sharing details of the program's challenge statement

21 Dec 2020 (MON), 4PM - 5PM SGT


Final Proposal Presentation by Co-creation Partners

9 Mar 2021 (TUE)

1PM - 5PM SGT (2PM - 6PM JPT)




Challenge Owners





Makoto Yamaguchi

IHI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd




Li YiTong

IHI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 




Hikaru Ishikawa

IHI Corporation



Tan Chee Yong

IHI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd








Shunsuke Akihara

NITTOKU Singapore




Bunpo Domigo

NITTOKU Singapore







Yuta Fujihara

Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd



Yuji Tamura

Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd




Ryosuke Gokyu

Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd




Adriel Tan

Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd




Lim Wei Lin

Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd




Budiman Jimron

Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd




Grace Lee

Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd





Program Co-creators





Eiji Hisatomi

JETRO Singapore



Satoshi Oyama

JETRO Singapore




Masato Tanakai

JETRO Singapore



Yusuke Tsuji

ICMG Japan /

ICMG Singapore



Daisuke Tanaka

ICMG Japan


Tomoya Sato

ICMG Japan


Iris Koh

ICMG Singapore


Ji An Zhu

ICMG Singapore





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