Our Organisation

General Affairs Division

This Division is responsible for the general administration of the JETRO Singapore Representative Office, including budget control, liaison with the head office, and human resource management.

Business Development & Public Relations Division

JETRO had been focusing on economic cooperation (ODA) schemes, i.e., transfer of technology, training, investment promotion, etc. until 1995. Since Singapore’s "graduation" from Development Aid Countries, we have increased our efforts to developing business ties between Japan and Singapore, and to help Japanese SMEs doing business in the region.

The Business Development & Public Relations Division is in charge of organizing seminars, exhibitions and other projects to attain this goal. For details, please see How we help Singaporean Businesses. 

Economic Information Division, Industrial Research Division

Economic Information Division, Industrial Research Division collects and analyses information on Singapore and regional economies, industries, and economic ties between Japan and the region, which are disseminated mainly to Japanese businesses in Japan through ‘JETRO Daily (Tsusho-Koho)’, ‘JETRO Sensor", "White Paper on International Trade", "White Paper on Foreign Direct Investment" and other periodicals / publications.

Shipbuilding Division & Ship Machinery Division

Shipbuilding Division and Ship Machinery Division promote the business relationship between Japan and Asian region in the field of shipbuilding, ship-repair and ship machinery. The divisions provide information on Japanese maritime policies and business activities of Japanese shipbuilders and manufacturer of marine machinery equipment, conduct research on shipbuilding and ship machinery industry and other related aspects in the region and respond to business inquiries from Asian companies of the maritime industry.

Kanagawa Economic Communication Division/Kanagawa Prefecture

Kanagawa Prefecture is one of the leading business prefectures located in Tokyo metropolitan area. It takes only 30 mins. from Tokyo to Yokohama, capital city of the prefecture.

This division promotes investment from South-East Asia to Kanagawa prefecture and support Asian companies to find business opportunity in Japan.

For more information, please access this website here.

Trade Insurance

Our Trade Insurance Division is in charge of exchanging information with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other international financial institutions, conducting country-specific economic research and analysis and working with other export credit agencies to establish cooperative insurance schemes for project finance.

JETRO Japan Business Support Centre (BSCS) in Singapore

The JETRO Business Support Centre in Singapore (BSCS) was established in October 2001 to facilitate Japanese business development in Singapore and the region.

The Centre offers, information and consultation services free of charge to Japanese Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) that are planning to set up bases here as well as in the neighbouring countries.