IHI is seeking knowledge and partners to expand Smart City related business & create new business opportunities in SEA by leveraging on

existing IHI sensing technology. Ultimately, IHI wants to realize its transformation towards becoming a solution provider.


Challenge Statement


Current Challenge


Over 160 years, IHI has been creating excellent product & amassed solid experience in heavy industry business & creating social infrastructure.

Laser sensing technology has been one of the core competitiveness in IHI e.g. 3D LiDAR solution which had been widely applied in rail systems 

in Japan and Europe since 2006.


Understanding that digitalization and smart manufacturing is critical for Life Cycle Business, IHI wishes to upgrade its existing sensing technology and create a new business model in Smart City domain. In the near future, IHI plans to transform from a “Product Provider” to “Solution Provider”

to enhance its value to customers. Aligning with IHI Future Smart City strategy, IHI wants to develop solutions that can support traffic monitoring

& management to enhance its focus on Smart Mobility.




The key focus of this program is on IHIAP’s traffic sensor related technology and business as a foundation to building a cloud data platform. 

- This Smart Cloud Data Platform should be designed for future urban mobility management solutions which integrates various data sources

  such as map data, LiDAR data, video/image data, GPS data, etc. The state-of-art and user friendly User Interface (UI) design of map and

  dashboard are expected.

- The potential users of this cloud platform include traffic management authority, autonomous vehicle, automotive industry, V2X industry, etc. 

Potential Partners

- Partners who have experience on cloud-based data platform and data analysis dashboard for Smart City projects.

- Co-create a technical demonstration prototype of the Smart cloud data platform which can prove value to potential users.

- Co-create a new business model for Future smart city/ Future urban mobility with potential partners based on the above demonstration.

*Proposals that are considering new directions and trends of mobility as part of "New Normal" after COVID-19 would also be appreciated.

Intellectual Property from IHI

- IHI 3DLR and sample sensor data;

- IHI sensor related projects and PoC experience in Japan and Singapore;

- PoC test beds in the SEA region



Application Requirements


We are open to applications that match the content of the challenge statement, even if the solution is not a direct solution now. We encourage suggestions on possible solid ideas on solutions.


There are no limitations on operation and funding size in the partners we seek, though you should display a feasible approach to achieve the

vision of collaboration.



Assets provided by the Challenge Owner

Example of 3DLR System




1. Opportunity to conduct a pilot/PoC

2. Consideration of concluding an agreement for commercialization (based on the results of the above PoC)






Makoto Yamaguchi: General Manager of R&D Centre, IHI Asia Pacific


Makoto Yamaguchi dedicated in machinery automation industry for more than 20 years. His professional experience focuses on Automation

Solution such as construction machine, assembly robot, automation logistic center, automatic inspection machines, etc. Currently, his major

responsibility covers Technology Planning Department, IHI Corporation.




Li Yitong: Deputy General Manager of R&D Centre, IHI Asia Pacific


Yitong dedicated himself to Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for more than 15 years. His expertise mainly covers urban mobility, traffic

signal control, public transport, traffic data analysis. Currently, he is mainly involved in the Smart City and ITS collaboration projects in IHI Asia Pacific.




Hikaru Ishikawa: Senior Researcher of Mechatronics and System Engineering Group, IHI corporation


Hikaru Ishikawa dedicated in electronics and system engineering for more than 10 years. His expertise mainly covers hardware development

of sensing, communication and control equipment. Currently, he is mainly involved to develop the technology based on ITS system and application in IHI Corporation.




Tan Chee Yong: Assistant Manager of R&D Centre, IHI Asia Pacific


Chee Yong dedicated in Intelligent Transport System, Facial Recognition System. He was in charge of Business Management (Contracts & PMO) for Electronic Road Pricing project in Singapore. Currently, he is involved in designing 3D LiDAR based ITS system and managing R&D projects in Singapore.