Export Revives Local Farming ‐The Young Make Organic Japanese Tea‐

In the last decade, export of Japanese tea has tripled. Now, matcha-based menus are popular at cafes in Europe and the US. Still, that does not mean high-end Japanese tea sells for a high price abroad. The main importers in Germany and the US ask first for organic certification and then ask for taste and aroma. There are two tea producers in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture who understand the needs and make Japanese tea that sells well. One is a young producer who has expanded his farm land to four times the area to meet the orders from abroad. Another is a tea manufacturing factory that has doubled its collaborating farmers to 30 in three years. This edition covers on Japanese tea. Especially, the meaning of producing organic products for exports.

English Subtitles (Aired on August 9th, 2017)