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JETRO co-hosts AEA2020 for the first time ―Promoting business matching between Japanese companies and Asian startups―

Sep 29, 2020

30 progressive tech startups from 13 countries and regions in Asia register to seek collaboration opportunities with innovative Japanese companies online

JETRO will co-host the innovation award Asia Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) 2020 (October 27-29, 2020), put on by the Asian Entrepreneurship Award Steering Committee (AEA2020), and we are pleased to announce the 30 startups that have been selected to participate in AEA2020.(Please refer to the attached list: AEA2020 Entrants)

AEA, which has been held eight times since 2012, is a rare event in Japan in which overseas startups can participate. AEA2020 will be held in the Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City (Kashiwa, Chiba) where universities and private companies hold numerous social demonstration projects. It will take place completely online and will feature emerging Asian tech startups offering solutions under four key themes important in the “new normal” of today’s world: Healthcare, Communication, Work Style Reform and Quality of Life.

JETRO will help promote promising startups in Asian countries and regions to innovative Japanese companies by holding business matching sessions.

AEA 2020 outline:

: Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2020
: October 27th (Tue.) - 29th (Thurs.), 2020
: Online
: site: a new window will open.
(including for the business matching session)
Official website
: site: a new window will open.

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