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Japan-Africa Business Expo - Official side event of TICAD7 Promoting the allure and potential for African business

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Aug 06, 2019

JETRO is organizing the Japan-Africa Business Expo as the largest official side event at the forthcoming Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) to provide a wide range of business opportunities in Africa.

The Business Expo includes a “Japan Fair” to promote the attractiveness and potential of Japanese industry through the display of products, technologies and services by Japanese companies to heads of state, ranking officials and business leaders from African countries who are scheduled to visit Japan for TICAD7. It also consists of an “Africa Lounge,” “Event Stage” and “Africa Alliance” to provide the latest information on business in Africa and opportunities for multifaceted interaction between Japan and Africa.

Business Expo

August 28-30, 2019
PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall D
6,700 square meter
1. Africa Lounge
The Africa Lounge is a showcase of investment and business environments in 45 African countries. A convivial meeting space will be also set up for networking between visitors and exhibiting African countries. (See Attachment for the list of exhibiting countries)。
2. Event Stage
  1. At the Event Stage, various thematic presentations by 35 African countries are planned. These will cover fields in which Africa strives to attract investment from Japan, such as agriculture, infrastructure, resource development, human resource development, healthcare and ICT. Speakers also include ministers and executives of investment promotion organizations from respective African countries.
  2. Japanese companies based in Africa will also deliver presentations on how they are working to solve economic and social issues through business.
Presentations will be made by the following companies. (Platinum sponsors)
FUJIFILM Corporation, KANEKA CORPORATION, Marubeni Corporation, MUFG Bank, Ltd., NEC Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
3. Africa Alliance
“Africa Alliance” introduces information about business development in Africa through collaboration with five countries (the UK, France, India, Turkey and UAE) and an international organization (e.g., the African Development Bank) that have deep ties with the region.
In particular, this zone will highlight the benefits of collaboration with these countries and organizations and actual examples of collaboration.
4. Japan Fair
Number of booth:262
Exhibitors:156 (as of August 6, 2019)
By sector:
Japanese companies (142, including 81 SMEs), national and local governments (5), organizations including government agencies (6), schools/educational institutions (3)
By prefecture:
Hokkaido (1), Miyagi (1), Ibaraki (2), Chiba (2), Saitama (2), Tokyo (81), Kanagawa (12), Yamanashi (1), Nagano (1), Shizuoka (4), Aichi (3), Ishikawa (1), Fukui (2), Shiga (1), Kyoto (4), Osaka (16), Hyogo (9), Wakayama (1), Okayama (2), Hiroshima (2), Yamaguchi (1), Ehime (1), Tokushima (1), Kagawa (1), Fukuoka (1), Kumamoto (2), Okinawa (1)
By category:
  1. Quality infrastructure (46)
  2. Food value chain (14)
  3. Climate change (6)
  4. Improvement of health issues (28)
  5. Sustainable urban development (5)
  6. Human resource development (13)
  7. Japanese companies activities for Africa (44)

Prospective visitors: Heads of state, ministers or ranking officials, business leaders, members of the press and concerned persons

Visitor registration: Please register through the following page if you wish to participate in the Business Expo.

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