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Full renewal of "Invest Japan" website

-Strengthening information dissemination to support investment by foreign companies in Japan during Covid-19 crisis -

Jan 28, 2021

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) fully renewed its "Invest Japan" website on Thursday, January 28, with the aim of strengthening its ability to provide and disseminate information amid the limitations, due to the pandemic, on support activities for foreign and foreign-affiliated companies considering expanding into Japan.

We have renovated the site structure, design, contents, etc., and introduced new functions. In addition to improving convenience for all users who visit the website, we also created a mechanism that can digitally support the activities of foreign and foreign-affiliated companies in particular.
We will continue to expand web content in preparation for the second release scheduled for the end of March.

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Main visuals conveying Japan's attractiveness, such as the sprawl of cities, beautiful environment, and nature

Content of renewal

  1. Site design allowing necessary information to be reached in "two clicks"
    We have organized the content of the existing site according to the interests and aims of its main users, foreign and foreign-affiliated companies. The UI and UX have been improved so that users can find the information they want without getting lost with only a few clicks. We also strengthened links between pages, enabling the users to smoothly see one useful content after another.
  2. Chatbot to guide visiting users
    We have introduced a chatbot (for Japanese and English) as a new function, which can provide guidance on content on the site that responds to the users’ questions, or on inquiries to JETRO. Our aim for this addition was to create a site that matches users' search needs and facilitates inquiries.
  3. A clean design displaying uniqueness of Japan
    The renewed site employs a simple overall design based on the colors indigo and white, and multiple images on the top page showing Japan's innovativeness, industrial depth and stability. In addition, we pursued a look that impresses upon the viewer the distinctiveness of Japan by using scarlet, a traditional Japanese color, as an accent and by scattering a traditional checkerboard pattern throughout the page.
  4. Expansion of web content (planned to be released at the end of March)
    We plan to launch a video series explaining the procedures for establishing a business base in Japan through short animations by theme, something difficult to understand through text information alone, as well as videos that provide a clear picture of what JETRO does to support foreign and foreign-affiliated companies. Please stay tuned for future announcements about the upcoming web content.

Chatbot screen

Reference: What is JETRO? -Our efforts to promote investment in Japan-

As a government-related organization tasked with promoting foreign direct investment, JETRO Invest Japan works to attract foreign companies interested in investing in Japan and to provide consistent support when establishing a base and expanding business in the country. In addition, in recent years we have focused not only on supporting the establishment of business bases, but also on promoting collaboration and cooperation between foreign and Japanese companies.
With limitations on face-to-face support activities for foreign and foreign-related companies since last year due to the pandemic, we have taken various initiatives, such as online consulting and web seminars, with the aim of continuing and strengthening information dissemination.

Ms. Jitsu, Mr. Nagao, Ms. Hoshino
Invest Japan Promotion Division, Invest Japan Department, JETRO
Tel: 03-3582-5312