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140 years of experience

Started in 1873, Shoda Shoyu Co. Ltd. is one of the larger manufacturers of soy sauce in Japan. In the 140 years since its formation by Bun-emon Shoda III, Shoda Shoyu has not only transformed itself but also the town of Tatebayashi in Gunma Prefecture where it was founded. It has grown to employ over 370 people in four factories—with three of those in Japan and one in Europe.

A taste to suit all tastes

Shoda has a vast product catalog featuring a wide array of soy sauces, soy-based condiments and soups. Each range has multiple packaging options: from massive 18-liter containers to tiny, single-use sachets. The variety of products is developed specifically to cater to the needs and palates of individual markets. In Japan alone, for example, different regions have different tastes and being able to address these subtle changes is one of the company’s greatest strengths.


Kazuhito Shoji (left), deputy general manager of the International Business Department, and Takashi Saito (right), manager of general affairs and personnel


Shoda Shoyu produces a large selection of distinct flavors

Dedicated research and development

Shoda Shoyu’s large R&D department employs about a quarter of its workforce and is tasked with creating a wide selection of subtle flavors and innovative ways to package and present its products. This focus on research has also proved useful in the company’s push toward international markets and allows it to adapt products to suit local palates and broaden their customer base. This is much more efficient than just repackaging Japanese products and selling them globally.

Putting the customer first

In addition to their own brands, Shoda Shoyu also develops and produces soy- and soup-related products to be marketed by other corporations. They work closely with buyers to create OEM goods that are unique and tailored to each specific regional need. The company takes its commitment to customer service and communication seriously, whether the client is based in Japan or overseas.


The company has four factories with big production capability

Today, the Shoda household still owns and runs the company, but it has outgrown what one would normally call a “family business.” Despite being one of the largest manufacturers of soy sauce in Japan, their relationships with their customers have more in common with a small business than a giant faceless corporation. The company has the financial and intellectual capital to be innovative with its product lineup, and the corporate clout, to market and distribute its inventive foods throughout Japan and further afield to countries across Europe and Southeast Asia.

Shoda Shoyu plans to expand further abroad and—as they’ve done in Europe—set up production and research facilities to adapt their products to those markets. This will allow them to forge new partnerships and bring their 140 years of experience to even more of the world’s tables.


Shoda develops a range of products to suit international palates