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Small company, big steps

Shinshu Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a family-run business, newly helmed by Osamu Sakurada. Sakurada took over from his father Tsukasa Sakurada in July 2014, to spearhead a new generation of innovation. Though there are only ten full-time employees working at the company, together they've developed the new use of a material with the potential to change the world.

Adsorptive decomposition of bacteria and virus killer-a world first

Earthplus is a completely ceramic-composite material that adsorbs and decomposes bacteria, viruses, odors caused by bacteria and allergens-reducing the potential of spreading disease. The uniqueness of the material is that it is recognized as the composite of food additives, it is extremely safe since it does not dissolve in water, and although it does not have an instant effect like medicine, the effect lasts. 80% of the problem of bacteria and virus is due to physical contact, and products continuously processed with Earthplus do not have a transient effect like medicine, but can maintain a condition so the bacteria, virus, and all allergen do not grow. According to the purpose and utility, it has a base of combinations like conventional techniques of medicine.


Shinshu Ceramics CEO Osamu Sakurada


Limitless applications: Earthplus PET film is one of Shinshu Ceramics' latest innovations

From air filters and food to touchscreens

The raw material of Earthplus is a powder but it can be delivered in various forms according to its intended purpose. The paint type (also known as general purpose) can be dispersed into paint and applied to surfaces such as hospital walls. It can also be used as a coating for fibers-curtains, beddings, facemasks, and air purifier filters-and even for the hygiene management of food! When the surface of the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film is treated with the clear Earthplus using nanotechnology, it can be applied to touchscreen tablets to reduce transference of bacteria between people using the same device. And the film melted in 3,000 degrees Celsius can be used for long-term water storage and to suppress growth of bacteria within the water.

The publication to one of the renowned journal is the proof of their trust

The potential applications of a material such as Earthplus are limitless. Studies on its efficacy with partners such as Charles P. Gerba, PhD, at the University of Arizona as well as by professors Kasuga and Honda of Shinshu University, professor Kaku and lecturer Endo of Tohoku University, and professor Kanemitsu of Fukushima Medical School have proven it reduces the spread of viral diseases significantly in elderly people's homes, hospitals and day-care centers through the announcement from the International Infectious Diseases Society at England's HIS (Healthcare Infection Society). This is suggested to be especially significant for those with weak immune systems-young children, the elderly, those with immune-deficiency disorders after surgeries or those weakened by ongoing cancer treatment. For these people, any exposure to viruses and harmful bacteria can be life threatening. By reducing the likelihood of exposure and continuing research with external partners, these people can stay healthier for longer. The composite's power also has massive benefits for developing countries; the health of citizens can be secured through water purification and non-toxic sanitation methods. Earthplus is currently during the acquisition of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recognition in the US as a continuing new anti-bacterial agent. Shinshu Ceramics seeks partners with innovative design ideas for new products.


Hand towels imbued with Earthplus stay fresh and bacteria-free even after hundreds of washes