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Mottainai: waste not, want not

Sawaya is a company with many branches, but upon close inspection the connections between them become clear, with each branch of the company demonstrating a commitment to one of sustainability's "Three R's," that is, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Sawaya started in 1974 as an electrical installation and maintenance firm and used that knowledge to begin making light bulbs and fixtures and selling these products. Soon after, they realized the need for a recycling system for those same bulbs and developed a fluorescent lamp recycling system. Developing a system to remove mercury and chemical residue so that glass could be reused, they opened Studio Relight as a glass factory and store for recycled glass products, such as nameplates, building materials and glass gravestones. In keeping with the theme of environmental preservation and waste reduction, Sawaya set out to reduce energy use from heat absorption by creating a roof-shading system, which is called Roof Umbrella overseas.

Toshiro Ozaki (right), the company president, and Soichiro Oyanagi (left), the Saitama office chief

Sawaya's Roof Umbrella shades and cools

A cool roof makes a cool interior

The Roof Umbrella, which won a special award from the judges at the Eco Products Awards in 2008, is a shading system that reduces the solar radiation load on a roof's surface, thereby lowering the indoor temperature beneath. The special canopy, which is made of a strong, coated polyethylene sheet, shades the building top, while the vented design of the surface still allows air to flow, letting out heat and cooling the roof surface beneath. The temperature difference between an untreated rooftop and one using the Roof Umbrella is up to 25℃, and customers enjoy a maximum of 40% percent savings in cooling costs.

In addition to outperforming other roof cooling systems, the Roof Umbrella is economical, easy to install and remains effective even with an accumulation of dust. It holds up in the snow and reduces the sound of hard rain in storms and squalls. The system is also durable; one ongoing test section is still running strong after 27 years. A window-shading product following the same idea, called Dot Screen, is also available from Sawaya. Dot Screen is a shade that fits in a window to screen the interior, while still allowing for light and airflow using the same style of vent that is used in the Roof Umbrella.

Cool relief in hot countries

The Roof Umbrella is being used all over Japan but has also made inroads in Southeast Asia with offices in Thailand and Taiwan. These hot climates are ideal for Sawaya's unique product, with their similarities to Japanese construction, but the needs in these countries are even greater given the higher temperatures and seasonal squalls. These factors alone combine to make the Roof Umbrella especially beneficial in this region.

Sawaya's Dot Screen also provides a shoji-inspired window shade

Sawaya's Roof Umbrella is quick to install and easy to maintain

Sawaya's lamp glass recycling system and custom recycled glass products are likewise available globally. And the company hopes to keep providing the world with innovative solutions to lessen environmental strain and promote ecological business practices.

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