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New ideas, old techniques

Old-fashioned fabric techniques are once again setting trends in Japan. Leading the way is Numajiri Textile Laboratory, a company that was formed 10 years ago from the ashes of the Hiruma Senkou Company, a color-dye business that had been making Japanese yukata (traditional Japanese garments) innerwear and nightwear since 1903. With traditional 110-year-old tools and know-how at their disposal, Numajiri blended them with modern techniques to create unique jersey materials.

All of the fabrics created by Numajiri are produced on original Japanese machines using traditional methods, which make for an endless array of possibilities when combined with newer yarns and materials. The essence of old Japanese workmanship contained in the cloth gives it a distinct texture-a delicate touch-that the person wearing the garment can feel and sense. Their use of vintage machines and classic techniques also means the material can naturally blend into the contemporary collections of even high-end designers.

Kenichiro Numajiri, CEO

Using traditional techniques at the modern Numajiri Textile Laboratory

Helping clients create new products

With a constant eye on consumer trends, Numajiri is quick to create and develop new ideas and fabrics-which they immediately make ready for their clients to experiment and work with. In Japan, they currently provide fabric for Comme des Garçons, Tsumori Chisato and other top names in the domestic fashion industry. By providing them with innovative and original materials-in addition to the quality fabrics they are already known for-Numajiri is able to help their clients design inventive new wearable products and stay at the forefront of their industries. Even after customers' needs are met, the Numajiri team will continue to advise them on new developments or variations that arise due to the unlimited creative potential of the textiles they use.

Bringing Japanese textiles to the world

The future vision of the Numajiri Textile Laboratory is clear: to have their material become a global brand name. And their work is already receiving high acclaim overseas. International customers are repeatedly attracted to the high quality of the Japanese knits and craftsmanship coming out their shop. With the ability to consistently provide exceptional fabric that combines traditional Japanese skills with modern ideas, they are setting the stage for expansion worldwide.

To that end, they are planning to collaborate with international brands to bring their fabric to a wider audience. They are currently embarked on a partnership to create original merchandise with a major garment industry manufacturer. The aim? To promote their truly unique products-inspired by traditional Japanese workmanship-to consumers around the world, and in so doing provide them with an understanding of what quality fabric really is.

A limitless variety of original textiles

New innovative designs from traditional Japanese fabric