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Putting a spotlight on raw materials

Taking its name from the Latin word for Japan, iaponia, a women's knitwear apparel brand, aims to pay tribute to the beauty of Japanese raw materials and the skills used to create them. Launched in 2006, the brand itself is fairly new, but the people behind it are longtime industry professionals. Its parent company Network Japan Co. Ltd., led by Shin Nakamura, operates a successful main business making OEM knitwear products for major apparel makers and department stores in Japan, sourcing the raw materials and designing and producing final products. With this expertise in knitwear and design, industry connections and knowledge, Network Japan has continued to satisfy its clients. They commit on using high quality raw materials, and are mostly imported from countries all around the world. They also use sourced materials from Japan, focusing on Aichi, Ichinomiya, the famous historic center for fabric.


The designer of the iaponia line Misao Amano


iaponia's original blend of fabric and yarn

Iaponia as a Japanese brand

Working with various clients and encountering numerous one-of-a-kind hand woven fabrics-like those intricately made in machines only available in Aichi, Ichinomiya, mastered by the skills of the workers there-iaponia staff felt the need to share this beauty with the world. Many fabrics are introduced to clients, but few are chosen. To shed light on these treasures, Network Japan created a brand of its own. Designer Misao Amano works mainly with these gems and creates a line of unique, delicate, knitwear products. As a knitwear brand, iaponia uses the intricately made fabric of Japan, exploring various combinations. Whether it be a non-knit material, iaponia maintains a flexible mindset and fresh approach. They also choose fabrics with a gentle touch, demonstrating a consideration of textures that's emphasized particularly strongly in Japan. With variety and creativity, iaponia is genuinely unique.


Unique and fashiona-ble iaponia's cardigan

Expressing the essence of Japan

To deliver the Japanese brand abroad, iaponia has been exhibited at the Paris Sur Mode for three consecutive years. At the event, where the most fashion-savvy professionals gather, iaponia constantly attracts many from around the globe. Though there's no intention to make the collection "wafu" (Japanese-style), the intricate designs, details and sensitive traits seen in the products stand out. Overseas, iaponia is able to broaden its perspective, resulting in increased creativity, ideas and space for exploration. In this way, the brand continues to evolve. It was named with the hope of delivering Japan to the Western world. And in presenting its work overseas, iaponia has been able to share the values of Japanese materials and techniques with the rest of the world. iaponia continues to strive to bring recognition upon Japan's artisanal work as well as share its distinct aesthetics with other cultures.


iaponia at Paris Sur Mode