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Rock solid foundations

Formed in 1948, Hara Machinery Co. Ltd. originally started as an offshoot of the family's stone masonry business, producing tools to process and shape rock. It now primarily focuses on making machinery to handle crystalline silicon ingots. The steady progress of technology over the years has accumulated the company a wealth of expertise, and the products that it makes are some of the most capable and complex in the industry.

Turnkey solutions

Hara Machinery's main product lineup forms the basis of a turnkey silicone processing system. It consists of a number of machines that take freshly grown ingots and then cuts, shapes, grinds and processes them according to the settings that customers program into the system. All the machinery in the system is linked and functions as a single, complex unit that saves customers production time and manpower.

The company understands that every client's needs are different, so each system is customized to their unique requirements. Hara also provides direct maintenance and support, ensuring all machinery will continue to perform at its peak for as long as customers choose to keep it in operation.


Brothers Shunji Hara (president, left) and Masao Hara (advisory director, right)

Uncompromising standards

Hara Machinery manufactures its products in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. While it outsources the production of plastic connectors and electronic components, all parts are designed in-house, and the companies they contract to are all based in Japan to ensure Hara Machinery's uncompromising standards.


The Hara Machinery production floor


Precision machinery uses precision machinery

Completely custom-built

Apart from their turnkey products, Hara Machinery also processes sapphire, glass, quartz and ceramics as well as other very specific machining needs. It has also developed solar tracking technology that's cheaper to manufacture than other tools on the market today. Through its constant research and development programs, Hara Machinery strives to create new products and innovative solutions to continually improve its lineup.

Personal growth

Hara Machinery has customers across Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. It offers the same level of service and support to all of its customers, regardless of location. It's because of this close, personal service that many customers return when it's time to upgrade or expand the systems they've already purchased.

Headed by company president Shunji Hara and supported by Masao Hara as an advisory director, the company's staff comprises a range of experienced engineers and young apprentices. The company is close-knit and more than a family business, but a family in itself. As such, everyone does their best to ensure perfection in all their tasks. It's this passion and dedication that is the company's biggest strength. Combined with its experience, innovation and know-how, it's the people of Hara Machinery who give the company a rock solid foundation for the future.


Dedicated staff give their best regardless of the task at hand