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Tubes of innovation

It was 54 years ago that Hakko Corporation was founded by Kosaku Abe. His aim was to offer a flexible, convenient and eco-friendly hose to the world using Japan's technology. With the use of resin, and the creation of new machines to bring ideas to life, Hakko has contributed to society across a range of industries.

Hoses are present everywhere. They're used to transport fluids, for example, in showers and gardens, or to carry gases of any kind. In construction and painting, tubes are utilized for nailing machines, airguns and air-cleaning devices. They're also prevalent in the food and beverage industry for vending machines, beer taps and water purifiers. In healthcare and science, hoses are used for the precise injection of liquids.

For a wide variety of industries, such as chemicals and foods, safe and stable components are crucial. Hakko's advanced technology allows the creation of hoses for any given situation, be it extreme cold or heat, heavy abrasion, or contexts requiring exceptional flexibility and resilience. Hakko is reputed for its reliability in all aspects.

Current CEO Hiroyuki Abe

Hakko's factory in Akita prefecture

The world's first hose

HAKKO EIGHTRON®'s Flexible Fluorine Resin Tubes are incomparable to the traditional hose. The world's first of its kind, the product is patented and has revolutionized the concept of hoses today.

In 1998, the team was determined to create a groundbreaking hose for society, to fulfill new purposes. Overthrowing the conventional concept of a single-layered tube, the team developed a multi-layer fluorine hose that's flexible, durable, chemical resistant and sanitary. Resin minimizes the remains of fluid on the inside, making the hoses easier to clean. Hakko's experts worked on the creation for three years. One of many challenges they faced was how to make the tubes as transparent as possible, enabling users to check on liquids passing through them, and making inspection and maintenance easier. The product represents Hakko's expertise and has led to the widespread presence of the company's tubes in Japan today.

HAKKO EIGHTRON®'s Flexible Fluorine Resin Tube

Global hoses

Across Asia, Europe and the US, people have recognized that Hakko's technology challenges mainstream tubing. The company's executives are seeking to introduce the flexible, resin tubes globally in all sectors.

At Hakko, in addition to regular products, tubes are made to order, to fit the client's exact requirements. Company personnel will meet all specifications such as compatibility with existing pipes, size, shape, color and quantity, including small-size orders. The corporation's diverse array of tubing products is not only changing society in Japan but around the world. Hakko will continue to innovate in order to best serve the future and keep up with people's ever-changing needs.

Tailor-made color tubes