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Perfectly positioned

The city of Toyama in western Japan is nestled between the country's northern Alps and Toyama Bay on the Sea of Japan. This unique position affords the region cool, sweet water from the snowmelt of 3,000-meter high mountains on one side and nourishing 1,000-meter deep-sea water on the other. These unique geographic features form the foundation for many of the Goshu Yakuhin company's products.


Yoshinobu Fujii, overseas division general manager, in front of just a few of Goshu Yakuhin's products


Specialty water for babies produced by Goshu Yakuhin

Health and beauty, naturally

Traveling in rural areas overseas, Ryozo Fujii (now passed away) knew that drinking water could actually make people sick if not clean and pure. Utilizing the bounty of Toyama, the company has developed mineral water not only for everyday drinking but for special circumstances. Its product lineup includes highly purified water that can be kept for up to five years and is useful for stocking emergency kits. The company also developed a low mineral soft water for use with babies, as well as a line of mineral waters with varying degrees of hardness to suit every palate and condition. Another interesting water is the Kirea line, one designed to promote intestinal health by supporting and encouraging development of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

International spread

The word goshu means "five continents," and Fujii gave the company that name to indicate broadmindedness and internationalism. Today, Goshu Yakuhin products are sold around the world, in countries such as China, the U.S., Thailand and beyond. Yoshinobu Fujii, the general manager of the Overseas Division, knows that they're lucky to live in a beautiful and abundant place like Toyama and wants to share a little bit of it with the world. "We want to spread Japanese-style bathing culture internationally," he says. "If we can be helpful with these natural products, we would like that."


Goshu Yakuhin's medicated bath salts are made with elements extracted when filtering their mineral waters