Innovative Japanese kitchenware brings home-cooked meals back in style AUX Co., Ltd.

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Cook at home, eat at home

AUX continues to fascinate people with their innovative approach to household kitchenware. Founded in 1946 in Niigata Prefecture, AUX Co. Ltd. has become renowned for its craftsmanship, cutlery and metal appliances. The company-whose name is an acronym for "attractive utensil experts"-develops fun and stylish everyday products that make cooking at home more convenient as well as delicious. They generate ideas by focusing on improving the consumer's actual experiences doing common household tasks. To make a real difference in their customers' lives, they continuously examine the small hints and details. Their products encourage people to create nourishing meals in their own kitchens through the concept of "uchi (home) cook." In other words: "Cook at home, eat at home."

AUX Co., Ltd. CEO, Toshiyuki Sato

AUX presents the Steam Grill at the NY NOW exhibition - home, lifestyle and gift spectrum

Inventors of the original Steam Grill

It's surprising that nothing like the AUX Steam Grill was invented earlier. After its launch in 2010, the Steam Grill became a bestseller in Japan, where it's available in household appliance shops and major department stores throughout the country. The product was born from a simple idea: create a device that makes cooking fish easier and more inviting. Japanese people today are increasingly cooking less fish at home. They've reported that: it takes time, is a pain to clean up after grilling, burns too easily, and creates smoke that smells up the house. Over the course of a year, the AUX team developed the Steam Grill to solve these problems and more. The sophisticated design of the grill proved effective in preparing any type of food including meats and vegetables.

Grilling with steam

Although subtle at first glance, the half-inch-thick aluminum grill is designed with a gutter that circles the plate. This is the key to the innovative "steam grilling" method. Fish, meat or vegetables are placed on the pre-heated grill, water is poured into the "water pockets," and the grill is covered with a glass lid. As the water turns to high-temperature steam, it quickly and thoroughly cooks the food. It takes only one-third of the normal cooking time to create a tender, juicy dish with all its nutrients intact and packed full of umami, or flavor. Since no oil is necessary, it cuts down on time-as well as unwanted fats-producing a tasty and healthy meal.

AUX has crafted the Steam Grill to bring Japanese ideas and workmanship into the kitchen. The company also has another aim: to introduce Japanese food culture to people around the world. Despite the popularity of the cuisine, it's rarely made in homes. The Steam Grill can be used for many dishes, but it's designed so everyone can explore the simple pleasures of cooking effortless, Japanese dishes in households globally.

The Steam Grill and the "water pocket"

Improving the quality of home-cooked meals

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