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Dialogue between Governor of Sichuan Province and JETRO Chairman

August 2018

On August 28, JETRO Chairman and CEO Hiroyuki Ishige met in Tokyo with Governor Yin Li of the People's Government of Sichuan Province.

This was Governor Yin's second visit to Japan since May, and this time he visited four major cities: Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagoya and Osaka. In Tokyo, he took part in the “Seminar on the Latest Economic Trends in Sichuan Province and promotion of the Food Industry and Food and Beverage Market." In Osaka, he took part in the “Sichuan Province Economy and Investment Seminar," where he introduced the investment environment and cuisine culture of his province. Each seminar was joined by over 120 people from Japanese companies.

In his opening remarks at the seminar in Tokyo, Chairman Ishige had this to say: "Two visits to Japan by the governor of a Chinese province in such a short period of time is very rare. I would like to express my warmest respect for the proactive attitude Governor Yin has shown in promoting economic exchange between China and Japan." Chairman Ishige emphasized that JETRO will devote efforts to further expand two-way trade and investment by strengthening cooperation with Sichuan as well as each city in the province through its office in Chengdu.

This was followed by Governor Yin who introduced plans for the Japan-China Industrial Park as part of a zone being developed around a new airport to open in 2020. JETRO will take on the role of disseminating information on the project to Japanese companies as well as facilitating communication between them and the provincial government.

There are now approximately 140 corporate members of the Chengdu Japanese Commerce and Industry Club, double the 70 members in 2010. JETRO will continue to make efforts to contribute to expanding business between Sichuan Province and Japan by proactively disseminating information in a two-way manner and promoting mutual understanding between Japanese and Sichuan companies.