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Collaboration with Japan Sports Agency, METI and Japan Sport Council in promoting global outreach of Japanese sports industry

July 2018

Enhanced collaboration in promoting global outreach of Japanese sports industry under Japan's growth strategy

With the aim of promoting global outreach of Japanese sports and related industries, JETRO concluded a basic agreement with the Japan Sports Agency; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI); and Japan Sport Council (JSC) at Japan's largest sports and fitness exhibition "SPORTEC 2018" held on July 25 at Tokyo Big Sight.

A worldwide increase in health consciousness in recent years has allowed the sports market to thrive globally. With the idea that the sports industry shows promise, we can see a growing interest in economic and regional vitalization through the promotion of sports around the world.

Within Growth Strategy 2018 approved in a Cabinet meeting on June 15, collaboration and cooperation between the four parties mentioned above in strategically collecting and disseminating information and supporting promotion was decided in order to facilitate overseas business development of sports content by making full use of qualities unique to Japan.

In order to contribute to the growing sports industry, the parties will take the opportunity to utilize their individual strengths, such as networks and information in the sports field as well as unique knowledge and knowhow in international business, to further promote inbound and outbound flows in sports itself and the sports industry.

Consistent hands-on support for sports-related business from information provision to assistance at business talks

The four parties agreed to the cooperation outlined below.

(1) Improvement of infrastructure for promoting global outreach of sports
With the purpose of realizing an international strategy for sports, the parties will collect and disseminate information on the overseas market. Through international sports business seminars to be held across Japan, they will provide information on the overseas sports market and successful cases of pioneering companies to sports-related firms and local governments, and then encourage companies with interest in overseas business to enter the global market.
(2) Distribution of the allures of Japan and facilitation of economic collaboration through promotion of sports
The parties will effectively publicize the attractiveness of Japanese sports and aspects of related industries at international events such as the World Expo, Sports International Conference as well as opportunities for economic collaboration and cooperation.
(3) Assistance in promoting overseas business development of Japanese sports-related industry, such as for products and services
The parties will support global outreach of Japanese sports-related products and services which appear to have promise in the overseas market through business matching and public relations. This will include the provision of business opportunities through overseas events, such as the Japan Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition to be held by JETRO in Manila, the Philippines, at the beginning of 2019, centering on public relations and promotion of the Japanese sports industry.
(4) Support of inbound business such as by drawing tourists and investment from overseas in the sports field
Taking the opportunities provided by international sports games, the parties will support public relations activities by local governments and regional sports commissions interested in sports tourism, in order to draw tourists from overseas.

Signing ceremony for the basic agreement