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Dialogue with Governor of the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province

May 2018

On May 9, JETRO Chairman and CEO Hiroyuki Ishige had a dialogue with Governor Wang Wentao of the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province in China at JETRO Tokyo headquarters, on the occasion of the governor's visit to Japan.

Welcoming Governor Wang, who took office this March, and paying homage to his decision to select Japan as the destination of his first official trip overseas, Chairman Ishige suggested the following action plan toward further strengthening economic and business exchange between Heilongjiang and Japan:

  1. Cooperation toward improving efficiency and quality of agriculture in China (introduction of Japanese-style irrigation facilities and land improvement techniques and implementation of a feasibility study)
  2. Facilitation of exchange between Chinese and Japanese companies
  3. Enhancement of collaboration in elderly nursing care
  4. Promotion of business in cold regions

Giving his approval to JETRO's proposals, Governor Wang expressed his high hopes for cooperation, particularly in the agricultural field, as Heilongjiang is one of the largest food producers in China. He made concrete requests regarding recycling of the tons of rice straw discarded in the province and improvement of rice production technology.

In the “Heilongjiang Provincial Government Activity Report" released this January, the promotion of industrial structure reform including through "development of rural areas," "promotion of cooperation with Japan," and "cultivation and facilitation of the elderly care industry" were mentioned as provincial strategic measures in 2018. Through contribution to policy objectives of the province, JETRO will devote its efforts to further develop the economy and business relations with Heilongjiang Province.