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Promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) into Japan

JETRO, as a core organization for promoting FDI into Japan, offers foreign companies investing in Japan a broad range of support, including one-stop services, business matching opportunities in conjunction with exhibitions and information concerning the investment environment in Japan and government incentive programs through seminars and its website.

"Investing in Japan" website

JERTO's Investing in Japan website is a one-stop portal providing comprehensive information needed for FDI into Japan. Available in six languages*, the website covers everything from (1) the investment environment in Japan (benefits of FDI into Japan, successful cases, etc.), (2) the investment environment in individual prefectures, (3) systems and procedures related to establishment of companies, (4) incentives related to FDI into Japan, to (5) an introduction of the JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Centers (IBSCs) located in major cities in Japan.

* All information is available in English and Japanese, with limited information in German, French, Chinese and Korean. Chinese is available in two versions, simplified and traditional characters.

Providing one-stop services

In more than 70 overseas offices, JETRO assists companies with investing in Japan by providing relevant information and individual consultation. At the Invest Japan Business Support Centers (IBSCs) located in six major cities across the country (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and Fukuoka), dedicated staff with long experience provides foreign companies with a range of ongoing support from market surveys, consultation, business matching, to information provision and assistance services concerning administrative procedures for establishing companies and residence, via an extensive network with local governments and lawyers.

To immediately respond to a broad range of inquiries concerning FDI into Japan, IBSCs provide experts including accountants, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, certified social insurance consultants, and ICT specialists, in addition to IBSC's dedicated staff. The centers also provide office space and access to meeting and conference rooms for foreign companies which have not yet launched an official office in Japan.


Attracting R&D sites and regional HQs of foreign companies

JETRO seeks out and supports foreign companies abroad and foreign-affiliated companies in Japan planning to establish new research and development facilities or regional headquarters. The organization also cooperates in operating the "Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan" initiated by the Japanese Government to attract these companies.

Emphasis is additionally placed on active invitation in fields that are expected to introduce new business models and technologies such as environment and renewable energy, medical care and tourism, and companies in the logistics and retail industries that are expected to create new employment. In areas of focus, JETRO has been arranging business meetings between Japanese and foreign companies taking the opportunities of exhibitions held in Japan.

Publicizing advantages of Japan and benefits of its investment environment

Disseminating information through various public relations activities

In addition to organizing symposiums and seminars in major cities abroad, JETRO publishes various publicity materials such as "Why Japan? "5 reasons to invest in Japan", an introduction of advantages and benefits of Japan as an investment destination, "Success Stories," case studies of successful investment, and " Regional Information," with reports on local investment environments, to widely disseminate information across the world on the advantages the country and its environment possess.

Disseminating information on the investment environment after the earthquake

JETRO provides accurate information including the up-to-date status of the investment environment in Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake and incentive programs offered by the Japanese Government for attracting foreign companies.

Successes achieved

JETRO has supported more than 1,000 foreign companies in establishing business locations in Japan since its launch of the FDI program in fiscal 2003.

For detail on successful cases, see the Latest Updates , a dedicated site for FDI into Japan.