ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event in Thailand

Collaboration Towards a Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions Future

Message from Leadership

PTTEP is actively engaged in the efforts to tackle greenhouse gas emissions and global warming issues and support Thailand’s carbon neutrality goal. We set forth for the company to reach Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050, through our EP Net Zero 2050 pathway.

Varuna is the subsidiary of PTTEP under AI and Robotics Venture. Varuna serves PTTEP's Net Zero Greenhouse gas Emission with nature based carbon credit solutions. Varuna goal is to supply nature based carbon credit 1 million ton within 2030 from agriculture and forestry sector. We believe Nature-based carbon credits play a crucial role in addressing climate change and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions since it can offer cost-effective solutions compared to some traditional carbon reduction technologies. In addition, carbon farming projects or reforestation projects provide multiple benefits beyond carbon sequestrationin terms of co-benefits for local communities and promoting sustainable development. . Nature-based solutions also have potential to deliver long-term carbon storage, as mature forests and well-preserved ecosystems continue to sequester carbon over time.

PTT EP’s Challenge

Accelerate Technology Development towards climate technology and nature based carbon credit solutions



Based on the 5-year investment plan, we are looking forward to startups providing innovation ClimateTech technologies and solutions including:

  1. Carbon Capture& Utilization (CCU)
  2. Future Energy/ Fuel: Power, Sustainable Fuel, Nuclear Fusion and so on


Challenge 1: How do we monitor and efficiently measure carbon credit from farmlands and forest areas at massive scale using remote sensing technology ?
Challenge 2: Alternative carbon reduction and removal technology from organic sources that can complement nature based carbon credits
Challenge 3 : How do we develop ecosystem of carbon credit token to increase liquidity and usage of the token ?

Collaboration Needs We are looking for startups or partners to accelerate technology development towards climate technology and nature based carbon credit solutions
  • opportunity to integrate solutions in Varuna's existing platform and product portfolio
  • opportunity to be considered for financial support and investment opportunities
  • opportunity to access to Varuna and PTTEP's network and partners globally
  • opportunity to access Industry expertise and insights
Assets/Support Financial support, Investment opportunities, mentorship support, global network and access to Varuna and PTTEP's partners in Thailand


PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited or PTTEP conducts business in petroleum exploration, development, and production to support Thailand's energy security and the energy demand of countries we operate in.
Established in 1985, PTTEP was publicly listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1993 with a registered capital of Baht 3,969,985,400. We have a mission as a Thai energy company to create shared value for all stakeholders. Nowadays, we invest in over 50 petroleum exploration, development and production projects worldwide, covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Americas.
Varuna is the subsidiary of PTTEP under AI and Robotics Venture. Varuna is a pioneer of Agricultural and Forestry technology, integrating drone and satellite analytics solutions. Varuna Platform offers Green Area Management which tracks and monitors changes occurring in the area of interest to augment reforestation planning, as well as calculate Carbon Credits. Varuna Kanna application offers carbon project registration and track activities to ensure carbon emission reduction in the farm. Varuna’s goal is to ensure food security and contribute towards climate change solutions.

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