ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event in Thailand

Digitalization thru AI/Robotics and Transitioning to BCG

Message from Leadership

PTT Group conduct integrated energy and petrochemical business with the vision of Powering Life with Future Energy and Beyond and aiming to create an ecosystem for innovative startups to become the next Thai unicorn. We welcome solutions that tackle challenges in renewable energy, energy transition, carbon neutrality, life science, mobility, logistics, AI and robotics. I believe Zest Thailand will generate more innovations between challenge owners and startups.

PTT Group’s Challenge

  • Challenge 1 CO2 Utilization: "Transforming High-Concentration CO2 Emissions: Innovative Utilization Solutions in the Natural Gas Industry”
  • Challenge 2 Enhancing operational decision through IoT, automation, and AI for oil refinery and gas separation plant
  • Challenge 3 Transitioning from producer of conventional petroleum-based products to provider of Biochemicals and Biomaterials
Collaboration Needs
  • Solution 1 Startups who present groundbreaking solutions for utilizing high-concentration CO2 emissions, a by-product of our natural gas separation plants. The proposed solution should significantly contribute to our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives by transforming CO2 emissions into valuable resources through clean, sustainable, and efficient practices. Startups that offer unique, scalable, and economically viable solutions are highly encouraged to participate.
  • Solution 2 Startups with advanced AI and autonomous capabilities that can revolutionize our natural gas separation & oil refinery processing including energy industries by creating a fully Unmanned Processing system. The proposed solution should leverage novel technologies enhance efficiency, safety, reliability while reducing human error, operational costs, energy usage, and reduce environmental impact. Startups offering unique, scalable, and economically viable solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies align with our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles such as machine learning, robotics, and real-time data analytics are highly encouraged to participate.
  • Solution 3 Startups who is capable to produce sustainable chemicals or materials (Bio products for various sectors: Energy, Food, Well-being and other consumer products)
  • Sandbox with access to source of data and domain experts that are looking to work closely with startups on “Use Cases” from product development to commercialization
  • Potential collaboration with our business units from feedstock opportunity, process optimization to commercialization through existing channel
  • Venture Investment – Invest into high potential startup from PTT Group VCs
  • Venture Partnership & Builder team that is dedicated to creating value for both startups and our company utilizing our resources and connections

About PTT Group

PTT Group is Thailand's fully-integrated energy company with leading position in exploration and production, transmission, petrochemical, refining, marketing and trading of petroleum and petrochemical products in both domestic and overseas and now extending to future energy and beyond businesses. Flagship companies include PTTEP, GC, OR, TOP, IRPC, and GPSC. PTT also aims to reach its carbon neutrality goals by 2040 with net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.

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