ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event in Thailand

Establishment of the Smart City Solution Business Model

Message from Leadership

President NMB-Minbea Thai Ltd.

MinebeaMitsumi started our Thailand operations in 1982, and since then we have been expanding our business through aggressive capital investment in the machined components business, such as miniature ball bearings, and various electronic equipment businesses. Today, with approximately 40,000 employees in Thailand, we have become the largest production base in the MinebeaMitsumi Group, contributing to local employment and economy. At the same time, our LED smart street lights have been adopted in Thailand to replace existing lighting equipment on main roads and expressways. We hope to find a good business partner to form an alliance in not only LED smart street lights but also smart city solutions aimed at solving various social issues in Thailand.

MinebeaMitsumi’s Challenge

Challenges We are looking for a partner who can work with us to build a smart city solution business model to solve social issues in Thailand, based on our hardware assets such as LED smart street lights, various sensors, network devices, and integrated management systems. In particular, we are looking for a company that is familiar with the problem areas encountered by the domestic market in Thailand and has the ability to plan, implement, and operate the applications and solutions that will make this possible.
Collaboration Needs
  • Identification of specific issues faced by the national and local governments to be solved by the Smart City Solution.
  • Development of operational applications and solutions required to implement the Smart City Solution business projects.
  • Potential technical and business partners for our Smart City Solution business.
  • Possibility to participate in our Smart City Solution business in Japan and other countries.
  • Our assets such as LED smart street lights, various sensors, and network equipment are available for development.
  • Knowledge of various product development and its mass production start-up.

About MinebeaMitsumi

Our management philosophy is "we will contribute to realization of a sustainable, eco-friendly and prosperous society by providing better products, at a faster speed, in larger numbers, at a lower cost and by smarter means." With ultra-precision technology at the core, we are determined to contribute to the reduction of environmental impact and sustainability, as well as to the prosperous development of society. We established the slogan "Passion to Create Value through Difference", and going forward we will continue to create new value through "difference" that transcends conventional wisdom, demonstrating strengths that cannot be found in other companies.

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