ASEAN-Japan Fast Track Pitch Event in Thailand

Improving QOL during menstruation for Thai women

Message from Leadership

Tadashi Nakai, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Unicharm Corporation / Managing Director, Uni.Charm (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

We are honoured to participate in this Fast Track Pitch Event and explore innovative solutions to improve QOL during menstruation in Thailand.
Unicharm members are working to make everyone live a healthy, happy life from the first day they come into the world.
To achieve our dreams, we offer products and services for all generations using technologies we have developed in the areas of non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials.
We look forward to discovering breakthroughs that can make consumers' lives better with start-ups that have open innovation and entrepreneurship.

Unicharm’s Challenge

  1. Penetrating proper education about menstruation for Thai women and how to choose the right sanitary products for different needs (Collaboration with Thai government or public/private schools in Thailand could be one of challenges)
  2. Delivering sanitary products to Thai women who undergo economic difficulties
Collaboration Needs
  1. Systems to deliver our knowledge about menstruation and sanitary products to elementary/junior high school students who are not able to reach the proper information.
    (UC provides the contents related to menstruation through Sofy site)
  2. Sustainable business schemes to offer our products to those who have economic difficulties
    Companies rerated to "Education" "Welfare" and "Public facilities, especially, toilets" could be suitable for this project.
Opportunity Opportunity to be team up to jointly offer the startup's technology solutions to our customers
Opportunity to co-develop services
Assets/Support Global network with 35 local subsidiaries in over 80 countries

About Unicharm

Unicharm Corporation wishes to provide people of all ages, from baby to the elderly, with products to gently support their minds and bodies to free them from burdens and allow them to fulfill their dreams. We offer baby and child care products centering on disposable diapers, feminine sanitary goods such as napkins, urinary care products for senior citizens, cleaning products such as wet tissues, health care products and pet care products.

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